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The Regulation of Cyberspace Activity - Essay Example

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This research provides a report on issues like cyberspace regulation and the problem of its regulation through laws. This paper tells that digitalization of information has produced a highly amorphous medium known as cyberspace where territorial jurisdiction is difficult to apply…
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The Regulation of Cyberspace Activity
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"The Regulation of Cyberspace Activity"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that information is the new mantra that spells success in the modern world. Vast amounts of information can be stored in compact discs and microfiche, while tools of interconnectivity have dissolved global boundaries. For example, Ray Noorda of Novell in the United States realized that “nonproprietary, clone-like products for the desktop” was what was called for in the present day with the facility of the Internet, because through this aspect “the world would be tied together in some way.” When Noorda first joined Novell, a proprietary networking product named Sharenet was available, which was a box that had a 68000 based computer. Noorda used this as the basis to explore further how the box could be ported into other environments to make a server out of a PC. In this manner, Noorda was able to develop Netware, which was portable and could be used anywhere in the world. As a result of such technological developments, most kinds of information today are preserved as digital packets and most commercial transactions are increasingly shifting to the electronic medium, thereby creating a variety of other problems through misuse of the medium. The pervasiveness of the electronic medium and the facility of connectivity across geographical boundaries through the Internet have resulted in a vast space where users communicate, that may be referred to as cyberspace. While the law in a country generally functions as a regulatory mechanism to control and coordinate the activity that takes place, the same facility is not afforded by cyberspace, since no distinct geographical boundaries or jurisdiction can be established to determine which law must take effect. Similarly, the anonymity of users is well preserved in the electronic medium, which further complicates the issue of control and prevention of illegal activities. The emergence of the Internet has globalized the business environment and dissolved boundaries between nations, giving rise to issues of legal boundaries of the digital property. Intellectual capital is important and the use of business worldwide webs spells power. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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