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Ethical Energy - Essay Example

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There is no viable alternative to energy from renewable sources. That is why it is now important to consider only energy of this type. The energy we obtain from fossil fuel is creating climatic problems. It will not be long when it will become difficult for us to breathe pure air.
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Ethical Energy Essay
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"Ethical Energy"

Download file to see previous pages There is no way we can bring about improvement unless we start with our own resources. We have to start from the scratch and work our way to safety through correct and constant use of the clean and renewable alternatives.
It is important to begin making moves that will impact intake of energy from alternative and renewable sources. The change is beginning to happen but it is not to the desired level. We receive 8% of global energy production from renewable sources and another 6% comes from nuclear sources. This leaves 86% of our energy coming from coal, oil or natural gas (Our Climate).
Ethical energy is green energy obtained from renewable sources. It gives us a million reasons to smile. It is clean. It is efficacious. And it only costs little more than the conventional energy provided by fossil fuel and nuclear energy. Considering the advantageous, long term effects of the renewable sources, it is only fair and right to opt for such sources whenever the opportunity is present.
The importance of switching to energy from renewable sources cannot be overstated. Now it is easier to switch over to this form of energy although supply is scarce owing to the huge cost in capital investments.
The plan to switch over to renewable energy is gaining grounds in many parts of the world, notably Europe. In other regions also, wherever the feasibility is present, governments and commercial organizations set up plants to produce energy from renewable sources. The problem created by emission of carbon dioxide through the use of the conventional coal, oil and natural gas has become enormous and is making governments and commercial corporations to sit up and take notice.
One does not have to be an expert to realize the gravity of the situation arisen due to unfettered use of conventional energy. Changes in the climate affected largely due to carbon emissions from energy producing coal, oil and natural gas plants are making conditions in the world difficult for man and beast. It is high time to think about moving away from environment degrading sources and link up with ways and means of producing energy from clean renewable sources.
There are a number of ways to change over to energy from renewable sources. One way is by buying them from those who product them. Another way is by producing it yourself (Good Energy).
Environmental Benefits
Moving to renewable sources for energy is the best bet to undo the harmful effects we have created for ourselves with decades of use of fossil fuel. It is said that the high capital costs and uncertainty of renewable sources are limiting the possibilities to change over to these sources.
However, in the long run the effects of renewable sources are extremely beneficial to our environment. They will make our world better place to live in. It will be possible to have clear environment where one can gaze at the stars that has been inhibited due to the thickness of the carbon dioxide in the air.
People who have installed the "green" energy have the assurance that they have their homes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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