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Vulnerabilities of Networks and Internet - Essay Example

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The paper presents a clear view of the issues involving computer network and its security. It tackles the basic networking structure and principle and the vulnerabilities behind it. The good practice of info- security in the preservation of data and its role in effective network management.
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Vulnerabilities of Networks and Internet
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"Vulnerabilities of Networks and Internet"

Download file to see previous pages The various networking security strategies are discussed along with alternatives.
Computers unquestionably make a large part of human movement faster, safer, and more appealing. They generate new modes of work and play. They continually spawn new ideas and offer many social benefits, yet at the same time they present increased opportunities for social harm. Public say that the information revolution can be compared to the industrial revolution, it is equally valuable as the coming of print media and perhaps even more significant.
The dependence of the businesses, industries and economies in networking and the internet grew in quality decision making and implementation. The age information technology like any other development in our society brings good and evil. While our economy and businesses prosper through IT and other automation, high-tech crimes are also growing in numbers and sophistication. Prevention plays an important role in network security
Information security or info-security main goal is to keep information on a network safe and secured. The other elements of info-security are divided into three important parts that serve as the foundation for all information security effort. These are confidentiality, integrity, and availability1 (CIA).
The first goal is confidentiality; this is where data are being protected from unauthorized eyes or individuals. These data can be all information vital to the success of the company or may contribute to its downfall. Engineering plans for instance, financial information, business or marketing plans, and whatever secret data stored in a computer2.


The second but equally important in the preservation of data is integrity.
Integrity helps to ensure that original information or data remains unchanged and properly synchronized transversely in the system. This means that even people who are authorized within the system cannot change anything without proper consent or approval. A bank teller for instance is authorized to make changes in an account but they are not authorized to debit another persons account


Availability ensures that information saved is available to authorized users and can get access to it whenever necessary. Valid and secured information is nothing if you cannot get to it. This means information is just being kept from the bad guys while its often available to the right people.

1. Howlett, Tony, 2005, "Open Source Security Tools",
Practical Applications for Security, pages 4-12. Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-321-19443-8

2. Kent Stephen, Millett Lynette, 2003 "Who Goes There: Authentication Through the Lens of Privacy ", National Academic Press, Washington D.C.

1. Business Risk - Information Security Standpoint

Computer Crimes

Computer related crimes affect every computer user in businesses and homes3. The FBI in the United States recorded over 90% of U.S. companies are victim ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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