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Assignment Communications and networks - Essay Example

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VAN - Value Added Network - a private/public network setup to transport the information of well-defined objects in a pre-defined standard format. E.g. XML, MARC21 or RFID formats for demand-supply chains, library automation system, product tracking.
Intranet - Is the physical network of networking and computing systems spread in a building or across buildings of the same organization…
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Assignment Communications and networks
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"Assignment Communications and networks"

Download file to see previous pages The unauthorized access from internet users must be barred through access rules.

Security procedures like VPN or SSL, digital signatures, authentication etc on Extranet provide extra security to the information transported on the extranet as compared to open internet.
Extranet security can be enhanced with leased line connections.


The automation of the organization procedure e.g. demand-supply, object tracking system.

There could be security issues in terms of sharing employee /branch information.

Not used for B2B.

Security of the business processes must be ensured.

Secure VPN tunnels can be established over internet to connect B2B sites without additional external infrastructure.
Additional external infrastructure and maintenance is required if Extranet is not run over internet.

The extranet is more secure than VPN over internet for B2B when deployed on leased lines.


The VAN services are limited to the intranet users.

The output/input of VAN procedures is input/output to online e-commerce site.

Not used for e-commerce.
Not used for e-commerce.
Privacy of User information e-mail, credit cards etc)
Competition amongst business.

Internet provides the infrastructure backbone for e-commerce.
E-commerce is the revenue earning source in terms of more business for ISPs and e-commerce providers.
The extranet customer base is not as wide as internet.
The extranet can be run over secure VPN tunnels or leased lines to other business partners for e-commerce.

Define each following term and state their negative and positive

LAN - Local Area Network, NETBIOS protocol based physical network systems limited to a building. The protocol used could be IBM/NBF, Internet TCP/IP, or Novell IPX/BPX.

WAN - Wide Area Network,...
extranet provides for employee to employee communication, employee to customer and organization to organization.
Ring - The computing systems connected such that the cable runs from one system to another and thus forming a closed circuit. Thin-wire Ethernet cable is used for the ring networks. E.g. IBM/NBF token ring LAN.
Mesh - A network of computing systems where each system is connected to all other systems. The connection could be either through external physical media like cable or a switch. 10Base-T/100BaseTX Ethernet or gigabit Ethernet cables are used. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment Communications and Networks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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