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Manufacturing Computer Mouse - Essay Example

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According to Cooper (2009, pg. 1), "The computer Mouse was invented in 1963 by a Mr. Douglas Englebart. His hardware invention is an input device which allows us to control a cursor which in turn, allows us to input data in the computer. The Mouse controls the pointer on the screen and is used to perform such tasks as selecting icons, pointing and moving objects on the screen…
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Manufacturing Computer Mouse
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Manufacturing Computer Mouse

Download file to see previous pages... There are standard, trackball, optical, and USB mice. Outside of the mice are either two or three buttons. The outside buttons are used to click on icons or links, while a three-button mouse has the capability of double-clicking. "When we move the mouse, a ball rolls in
the direction of the movement. This moves a roller which moves the chopper gear. These components are housed inside a cavity underneath the mouse. The mouse ball is the main component inside and allows the user to move the mouse cursor on the screen. The cursor would be motionless without the ball. And the ball uses two Choppers and Gears to transmit its movement to the computer" (Cooper, 2009, pg. 1). In an optical or USB mouse, the ball is replaced with a laser beam. The trackball mouse is the same as the standard mouse, except for the fact that the ball is located on the top of the device and operated with a finger. Also significant is the fact that standard and trackball mice have a cord, while USB mice are definitely cordless, including many optical mice (Cooper, 2009).
There are several manufacturing processes that are employed simultaneously in order to produce a computer mouse. Steps one through three encompass these tasks, while steps four through seven marks the point where the mouse is brought together for final assembly:
3. 1. The circuit board for the mouse is cut and prepared. This is done almost completely by machine. The soldered boards that are produced are cooled before the next step.
2. The encoder mechanism is assembled as a separate process. It includes the rubber-covered ball, support wheel, both spoked wheels and their axles, the LED, and its detector.
3. "The mouse's tail-its electrical cable-has also been manufactured using a set of wires, shielding, and the rubber cover. The cable has two additional pieces of molded rubber called overmolds. These are strain relief devices that prevent the cable from detaching from the mouse or its connector plug if the cable is tugged" (How Products are Made, 2009, pg. 1).
4. The outer shell's pieces are inspected for quality after molding, trimming, and surface treatment are completed. There are four steps to assembling the outer shell:
a. The encoder assembly and PCB are inserted into the bottom of the shell.
b. The buttons are snapped onto the top part of the housing.
c. The cable is attached.
d. The top and bottom are screwed together using screwdrivers that are automated.
5. When assembly is finally complete, the final electronics and performance quality check is performed.
6. During the progress of the above steps, the programming team has been working on the driver for the mouse.
7. The mouse is labeled per FCC requirements.
Figure 1: Standard Computer Mouse Components

Source: How Products are Made (2009)
Figure 2: Manufacturing Equipment

Source: Abstrax, 2009
Figure 3: CAD Model of a Mouse

Source: Wikimedia, 2009
Figure 4: Improved Version

Source: SparkFactorDesign, 2009

CAD model of a mouse. (2009). Wikimedia. Retrieved January 15, 2009, from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/df/Cad_mouse_1.svg/180px-Cad_mouse_1.svg.png
Computer mouse. (2009). How Products Are Made. Retrieved January 15, 2009, from http://www.madehow.com/Volume-5/Computer-Mouse.html
Cooper, O.F. (2009). Components of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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