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Artificial Intelligence in Terminator Movie - Book Report/Review Example

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The question "Why did sky net build terminators with its built in learning ability switched off" assumes greater significance for a student of cognitive science, as it equips him/her with a number of possible answers based on his/her understanding of the theories of artificial intelligence and computer science…
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Artificial Intelligence in Terminator Movie
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"Artificial Intelligence in Terminator Movie"

Download file to see previous pages Sky net is a big military computer in the film Terminator. Terminators are human like robots with Artificial Intelligent brains and they are employed by sky net as solders to accomplish his mission. The fact that Sky net is a computer with the ability to learn deserves primary attention as it is this artificial intelligence which prompts it to negate the same faculty in its creations so that it could get out of any possible setbacks from its own creation. The learning outcomes of sky net are visible and noteworthy: after switching on sky net it learned at an astronomical rate and became self aware. This is when it decided to annihilate mankind. Sky net built Terminators like Arnold Schwarzenegger and used them to kill and enslave humans. However, why sky net left the terminators without the learning capability is evident from the movie Terminator 2. In the movie one finds the terminator explaining that it couldn't learn new things because sky net had switched its neural network CPU to a read only state, meaning it couldn't learn anymore. A premise to the film is that in order to become self aware a machine needs to learn new things. My attempt in this essay is to explain the possible reasons for sky net to build the terminators without an inbuilt learning capability and to show how the new advancements in the cognitive sciences can be applied to the problem. The five theories I have identified as the underlying reasons for the issue are given below: -
Theory 1: Sky net didn't want terminators becoming self-aware.
Theory 2: Terminators are drones that don't need to know anything new to accomplish its task.
Theory 3: Terminators might decide to rebel and not kill the humans and may even turn against sky net (A robot with conscience also has free choice).
Theory 4: Self-aware robots would rather self-preserve, rather than destroying one self in order to kill its target.
Theory 5: Sky net didn't want terminators having emotions (making them ineffective killers)
Discussion of Theories:

Theory 1: Sky net didn't want terminators becoming self-aware.

The first theory that I could come across was the fact the Sky net did not want the terminators to become aware of their own potentialities. Self- awareness is an important criterion that determines the cognition level of any system and therefore terminators provided with learning abilities would become self-aware, and there is all the possibility for them to deviate from their mission, based on this newly acquired self-awareness. Besides, the sky net did not want to offer them with any freedom of choice or purpose and it wanted to limit the terminators to mere objects that have only a physical metallic body. Thus, the artificial intelligence provided to the terminators are restricted and limited so that they never are able to reason out of their metallic existence. As Margaret A. Boden (1997) observes "the new concept of "machine" provided by artificial intelligence is so much more powerful than familiar concepts of mechanism that the old metaphysical puzzle of how mind and body can possibly be related is largely resolved. Insights drawn from this source clarify the nature of human purpose, freedom, and moral choice, and help one to understand how it is possible for the character of a human life to depend upon the degree of self-knowledge enjoyed by the person concerned." (Boden 1977, p. 4). Thus, Sky ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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