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HNC Construction Technology B - Assignment Example

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A seven storey service office and conference centre is to be built on inner city site. The superstructure and cladding is as yet undecided. There is minimum space on site for storage of materials and access is limited due to a main road surrounding the site…
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HNC Construction Technology B Assignment
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"HNC Construction Technology B"

Download file to see previous pages The super structure and the claddings has yet to be resolved. The building is likely to occupy a 237.00 square meter lot or a 13.5 meters by 17.5 meters dimension. It is to be constructed in a lot that has buildings of both sides. Thus the left and right side of the proposed building is just touching the buildings beside it. A great deal of planning the space for the delivery of the construction materials is a problem in itself. Cladding the construction area is also a big problem.
There would be no open space of the sides of the building. Its positioning may be a problem to deal with, but that does not mean that these reasons should affect the construction of the structure. The structure can be insulated, steel aided, glass tinted building with base insulators. Steel can be chosen for this building alongside a timber and concrete work. Steele doesn't rust fast and it is immune to creatures as insects and termites, therefore there is less need for insecticides and pesticides. Steel is not combustible or we can safely say that it is fireproof. Steel can withstand natural turbulence such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. We can also safely conclude that steel has much earthing protection from lightning strike. There would be less fear of the load bearing in placing interior walls because steel allows greater design in flexibility. In modern structures, the combination of steel and timber is a good choice. Steel framed buildings with glass panels and wood or timber would make a good combination to the conditions sited.
A building, especially, an office building which lies in the center of an urban area is designed in a manner that the whole area is converted into a useable place. Due to limited space the contractor finds a way to make every space for the use of the construction materials.
Starting with the construction of a building in a highly urbanized area is really something. First, is the excavation for the setting of the foundation of the building. How will the contractor transport the excavated soil where will they dump the soil Next at the start of the foundation layout, where will they place the construction materials being delivered like gravel, sand and cement plus the reinforcing bars to be used in the footings of the foundation. After these problems are settled, and the foundation of the building being set in place, the next problem arises. Base isolators would have top be used, as this is the standard, aside from providing safety to the structure in case of seismic actions. In setting up the building attention must be paid to such areas as entrances, ramps and stairways, with regards to the base isolators. The concrete columns comes next. The columns are being prepared for the concrete pouring of the columns. Next is the slab pouring of the ground floor. After that, the preparation of the next storey columns is being done. Then concrete is being poured in the prepared columns. Then the slab pouring of the second floor comes next. At this point, the ground floor can now be used as the temporary place for the construction materials being delivered. The slab pouring and the column erection will be alternately done until the seventh floor is reached. As the skeleton or frame of the building rises the, the building is being secured by rising the perimeter fence (usually a net is used for the protection of the people crossing the area) This is to avoid accidental debris falling down and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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