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There is always a disagreement between those involve in the construction process the place where the actual construction project is to be carried out. Different parties that are always involve are; engineers, supervisors, contractor and even sub-contractors and the actual firm…
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Construction assignment
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Download file to see previous pages In order to implement a given responsibility, relationships need to be established in partnering. Type of relationship depend on the type of partnering, for example in the joint venture contract between a contractor, and a design firm is a one-off type of relationship since it does not last. A single firm with both the design and construction capability is a long-time relationship type since the parties involve are employed full time and permanent.
When the agreement is successful, then the flow of work is always continuous, for example, a contractor will undertake all the work awarded to him. The contractor will then get a written approval from the Engineer-in-charge or the supervisor. The contractor will then plan its operation. If the supervisor realize that there is a risk factor involve, the supervisor has the right to stop the work. An inspector always ensures that the construction meet the quality level required, but they do not have the authority to get a contractor to give the owner of the highest quality material. If the engineer or the owner dispute the work being performed by a subcontractor, then the owner should attempt to resolve the issue with the main contractor first before embarking on the administration. CQC is the contractor Quality control. The purpose and function of the CQC are to assure that the completed project meets the quality requirement. The representative also has the duty of guiding the contractor by preparing a plan. However, the Corps ad engineer provides guidance to Corps in performing effective CQM. In order to manage construction firm but fair policy need to be implemented. Firm but fair policy is a type of policy where both or all parties involve are considered to stick to the laid down policy.
An inspector always ensures that the construction work is done according to the laid down codes. They are responsible for; pointing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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