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A strategic information management most probably supports or eases a particular business strategy or several facet of it. To a certain extent, an information system might be strategic since one can see a decision support system being used as a strategic tool or product and as numerous well known strategic information systems also would be classified as transaction processing systems.
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Management of information technology Essay
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"Management of information technology"

Download file to see previous pages The junction of computing, telecommunications, and software is not simply enabling new forms of competition and organization to develop, but the digital junction of various states of information data, text, voice, graphics, audio, and video is as well spawning new business opportunities and new customs of communicating. Simply the most reclusive Audited could argue that business and economic motion today is untouched by information technology.
Certainly, it is just probable to assert that every business is an information business. Managers constantly spent much of their time on information processing, generally defined, according to Mintzberg ( 1983) now often do so interceded by technology in the figure of executive information systems, groupware, video-conferencing, and the like. Organizations have been seen in the past as types of information processing (Galbraith, 1973) and now have gathered technocratic descriptors like 'networked', 'knowledge based', and 'virtual' as telecommunications in particular have been deployed to synchronize remote workers or share information transversely enterprises (Wendy Currie, Bob Galliers, 1999).
Business processes gradually more are information-systems dependent and are being 're-engineered' ( Davenport and Short, 1990; Hammer, 1990), partly by asking, what can IT permit us to do which was not probable before in terms of time compression, co-ordination, integration, mechanization, and communication And entrepreneurs are getting to the information and information service sectors as their probable grounds for profit-making. According to Earl (1996) this new strain might be called 'info-preneurs'. (Wendy Currie, Bob Galliers, 1999)

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Information management can yield strategic gains and signifying where opportunities can be found. Classically they offer frameworks for investigation. Kantrow argued this in a relatively crusading abstract way in eighties and it was slanted by the early eighties articles on IT and competitive advantage (Porter and Millar, 1985). There is modest consideration to technology in the conventional business strategy literature and in the MIS or information management field, the last fifteen years or so have seen substantial significance in strategy, mainly information systems strategy formulation. This is not astonishing. The IT function has to wrestle with far from insignificant troubles in putting up information systems strategic plans. Unavailability or poor comprehensibility of business plans and strategies, low responsiveness of IT potentials, rapid business and environmental change, weak management contribution, and a excess of execution problems are amongst the problems identified by McFarlan ( 1981), Galliers ( 1991), Earl ( 1993)--and others (Wendy Currie, Bob Galliers, 1999).
The greater part of this research and the on the ground hard work of practitioners can be seen as apprehensions with the configuration problem. The business question being chased is what information systems and IT reserves are obligatory to sustain the business strategy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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