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Fit Between Organisational Structure and Organisational Goals for Shell - Assignment Example

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The aim of the assignment is to illustrate the overall organizational structure of Shell Oil Company which is considered to be among the foremost energy companies throughout the globe focussing upon the relevant concepts concerned with the organic form of organizational arrangements…
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Fit Between Organisational Structure and Organisational Goals for Shell
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Extract of sample "Fit Between Organisational Structure and Organisational Goals for Shell"

Download file to see previous pages The company holds an innovative approach and strongly believes that it is ready to tackle the probable challenges that might arise in future while performing its business operations. In Qatar, Shell has founded a learning center as well as a research and development facility in order to build two biggest energy projects with the cooperation of Qatar Petroleum. The company established a strategic business partnership especially with Qatar Petroleum International for the purpose of working jointly on various projects throughout the globe. Moreover, Shell is also working with Qatar Fuels (WOQOD) in order to deliver the marine lubricants of the company in several ports of Qatar. The tactical business partnerships of Shell, particularly with Qatar Petroleum International as well as Qatar Fuels, effectually supported the company to flourish its business operations successfully in the international forefront. In this context, the State of Qatar has selected the company as a valuable partner in order to work upon various noteworthy and beneficial projects globally. The company commenced its business operations in Qatar in the year 2002 with the support of the Pearl GTL Project along with other business advancement activities.
The aspect of organizational structure indicates the various responsibilities of a particular job that has been integrated with a particular business organizational hierarchy. The chief purpose of the business organizations in order to establish a suitable organizational structure is to recognize the responsibilities which are assigned to each job positions along with the interrelation amid the job responsibilities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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