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Future of Television - Essay Example

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However television has undergone a complete metamorphosis with improvement in technology .Currently television is facing serious threat from the internet, with the introduction of internet some broadcaster tend to move away from the traditional television and they have now embraced the new technology.
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Future of Television
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"Future of Television"

Download file to see previous pages Digital television do provide extra channel, good picture of good quality, programming electronically, it also allows for voting using the red button. (Stewart 2001)
High definition television is also likely to be adopted. Despite offering sharper, brighter and clearer pictures it also has good sound. For a television to qualify as a HD. It must be capable of showing pictures as either 720 or 1080 lines which are vertical. The programs will need to be need aired inform of a HD.
The way we are currently watching television is going to be reshaped with new technologies that are to be implanted. Therefore its future lies on itself and does not solely rely on the net. The last 60 or 50 years have seen viewers viewing television programs using other people schedules rather than their schedule. This made people not to miss their favourite programs in the event that it was aired when they were away. With the introduction of DVRs and VCRs digital video cameras were introduced .all these gadget allowed viewers to not only postpone but also to save the shows that they were likely to miss, and to watch them during their free time or the appropriate time. (This practice is also known as time shifting) Broadcast schedules are being ignored by the viewers and the viewers are now turning to the net. Questions continued to be asked whether the viewers are avoiding the commercial by application (using) video on demand and through you tube. People are wandering weather the television industry will manage to survive, given that it is slowly loosing out traditional method of generating income through giving out trillion of the viewers time to the products advisers. (Stewart 2001)

In 1990s internet has come up with different model for its people. It has created a site where you can find whatever you need whenever you need it. It has gone ahead and put in place the site model and has done away with the channel model. Site is limited in number as compared to channels which are fewer (limited). Television is also likely to follow this trend in future. Technologies may come up that will make television to have unlimited number of channel.
There will be change on fonts consumer bimodality will stamp the industry. Some consumers will still be segment while some will call for a change that is radical in the model of business. The end of television is just but beginning, the future need to be prepared for today. People need to not only accept the change in technology but they also need to embrace.
When there is a chance to have two connections into your home. (For the internet and for television set) With the Television set hooked up on the connection and the cable will give you variety of channel to have access to. With the computer connected to the other network your internet provider will allow you to have unlimited web sites. These days all the information is in the form of a data. Video available in the internet are mostly in the same format as which what is available in the digital cable or in the satellite. Also commonly referred as the MPEG2, this is also the system used on the DVDs. This one available on the net is usually of good quality. Some phone companies like the Nokia and Apple ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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