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Electribe Sequencers - Essay Example

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Electribe Sequencers are an innovative type of samplers which not only play back a recorded sound, but let process the samples to create an own signature sound. A sample played on it can be effectively modified using the pitch, filter and effect knobs in order to drastically alter the sounds…
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Electribe Sequencers
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"Electribe Sequencers"

Download file to see previous pages Innovative sounds with absolutely no deterioration in audio quality are some of the eminent qualities of Electribe Sequencers. They are inclusive of a built-in effects processor with eleven types of effects which can be switched on or off for each of the parts. The eleven types are inclusive of basal effects such as Reverb and Chorus, as well as distinct effects like Decimator, Isolator and Resonant Filter. The internal memory of the Electribe S can hold 128 user patterns.
The ES-1 is a simple and easy to use rhythm production sampler which uses DSP synthesis technology to allow anyone from novices to professionals in order to create truly original music (Owner's Manual, 1996). It can easily help in assigning the sampled sounds to parts, use the panel knobs and keys to process the sound spontaneously, thereby, using these sounds to easily create the rhythm patterns. The ES-1 proves to be an ideal implement for any musical, Disco Jockey, Sound Creator who wants more uniqueness and originality in their music creations.
The most striking features of this sequencer allow its samples recorded by the user to be assigned to ten sample parts, including one Slice Sample part as well, where the sound of each part can be processed according to the user's choice. Around 100 monaural and 50 stereo sounds sampled by the user can be saved in the internal memory. The parts generated by editing the samples can be combined with rhythms so as to create distinct patters, thereby, enabling the user to make use of the ES-1 as a totally innovative type of rhythm machine. The ES-1 provides a Motion Sequence function which records and loops the knob movements and can be recorded for each of the parts of the pattern. It provides eleven types of effects and delay, and the pattern set play function allows the user to register approximately 64 distinctive patters to the 16 keys, thereby, successively select and play them. Moreover, the ES-1 can be regulated from an external sequencer or keyboard as a MIDI sound module. Sample sounds, patterns and songs created by the user can be stored on Smart-Media (Owner's Manual, 1996).

Outfitted with an innovative user interface, ES1 provides subtractive synthesis which meets the ideals of classic analog. The prominence of analog synthesizers is truly justified by ES1 as it has rich scale of sound, punchy filters, flexible modulation likelihoods and tremendously rapid envelopes (News, 1999). The ES1 integrates seamlessly within the Logic's intrinsic digital mixer, all plug-ins effects can be effectively brought in to use and all parameters can be automated. The straight linkage with the sequencing engine of the Logic System guarantees unsurpassed exactitude through sample-accurate timing which is paramount in comparison to any extrinsic MIDI synthesizer.

ES1 is the first in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Electribe Sequencers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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