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Technology and Ethics - Case Study Example

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The scenario presents a situation where two issues come out clearly. First there is the issue of embracing technology in the centre for human improvement by proposing to use a large experimental ICT project funded by the National Health Service. The other concern is of researchers discovering new ways of integrating their findings due to advancement in technology…
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Technology and Ethics
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"Technology and Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages In my view I have there are four main stakeholders in the scenario namely the patients, top management, computer programmers and the government. There are also various ethical concerns presented in the scenario. First of all, the centre for human improvement top management and the government intend to put a large experimental ICT intelligent system called Fairchoice to aid in making decisions on certain medical tasks (Herman, 2004). On the other hand, recommendations regarding the type of decision making powers left to this system should be made. Based on known ethical principles, I'm tasked to advise the top management and the government on this issue as the ethics manager. This essay has an exposition, an analysis of the given scenario and a conclusion at the end.
Technological advancement in our times has become a reality that drives home the monumental issues our society will be facing in the not too far-away future, thanks to our increasing technological ability to enhance the human body. A multiplicity of problems arises in the area of human enhancements as exemplified by various cases which have been witnessed in recent times. For instance, the modern history of sport illustrates that there are ceaselessly numerous athletes who will do anything within their means to run faster, jump higher or even swim harder (Eric, 1997). Similarly, performance enhancement, legal or illegal is no longer limited to doping. Take for instance the use of laser surgical procedures to improve eyesight among top athletes. These are not just corrections of bad eyesight to reach the standard 20/20 vision. A case in point is when the renowned golfer Tiger Woods reportedly used this procedure to improve his vision to 20/15 (Eric, 1997). This is only but an example of cases of human improvement using technology, which could as well be left to Fairchoice as illustrated in my scenario.
While today's enhancement procedures such as plastic surgery for actors and fashion models may seem relatively inconsequential for the majority of common citizens, the advent of enhancement technologies resulting in vastly enhanced physical or mental abilities will produce profound results as argued by Harris (1992). This kind of undertaking is expected to bestow physical labourers an advantage in strength and dexterity over their non-enhanced co-workers. In addition to use of steroids to become stronger and use of plastic surgery to become more attractive, people nowadays also use drugs to boost creativity, attentiveness, perception, and more (Harris, 1992). All these are found to be associated with technological advancements, again a core concern of the Centre for Human Improvement.
Currently, there are two most striking inventions on which research is being carried out include the use of medical miniature robots and tweezers. A medical miniature robot when injected into the blood stream would travel freely throughout the body, identify abnormal cells in the body and selectively release the supply of the drugs they carry on coming in contact with the diseased or abnormal cells. Miniature tweezers on the other hand are surgical tools, which are only a few nanometers in thickness. They are electrically controlled multicoated carbon nanotubes which would be used to grab any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology and Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Technology and Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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