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Emergence of Nanotechnology in Electrical Engineering - Essay Example

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The essay "Emergence of Nanotechnology in Electrical Engineering" is focused on the significance of nanotechnology. Reportedly, electrical and computer engineers apply the use of nanotechnology research from manufacturing and stimulating nano-devices to their small scale and large scale program combination…
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Emergence of Nanotechnology in Electrical Engineering
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"Emergence of Nanotechnology in Electrical Engineering"

Download file to see previous pages The mechanisms that are comprised of the integrated circuits in electronic equipment appear nano-sized and near billions in number. Occasionally, “bugs” prowling in the compound scheme can collide and arouse momentous working errors. One group of electronic infections that can harm a fabricated chip is termed the timing errors. These faults lead to slow executions in the operating system. This affects the system as the components continuously become smaller; while the procedure of thwarting and correcting timing faults continues to complicate the whole process. This delays the time taken release the new products to the market (Mitcham, 2005).
Scientists from various disciplines appear merged by the research concerning nanoscale, involving biology, chemistry, material scientist, medical and physicians amongst others. The market already supplies various product made from nanotechnology ranging from, but not limited to, cosmetic, environmental control systems, household and consumer equipment, sensors, sports materials, textile amongst other segments. There appears a speculation that the future holds so much in store for nanoscale. Nanotechnology proves to expand its resources to help the economy of various countries grow as it aims to business development. Some individuals assert that nanotechnology passes the discovery process and is currently working on the commercialization phase. There appears evidence showing that the nanotechnology extension towards the general technology cutting across all aspects of the economy (Drof, 2005). How Nanotechnology Will Benefit Electrical Engineering Now and in The Future Significant investments in the nanotechnology R&D are operational in various countries including the US. Close to $10 million appears as investment in various departments and agencies of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI); this involves the estimates consumption of $1.5 billion during the fiscal year of 2009. Countries in Europe and Asia also tend to near the levels of investment in Nanotechnology (Mitcham, 2005).  Even though most of the investments target science and technology, nanotechnology increases the perceptions of most members of society involved in technology. The United States has taken further steps and incorporated the use of nanotechnology into law in the year 2003, as Nanotechnology Research and Development. The reason was later confirmed that the action attempts to increase societal participation into nanotechnology R&D (Ahmed & Shephered, 2010). The section approach of the established acts dictates that the need for nanoscale science and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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