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How does Technology Affect Students in Classroom - Research Paper Example

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It has been recognized that technology can provide multifaceted benefits to the users if it is utilized appropriately and for the benefits of mankind. With this notion, the prime aim of this review is to recognize the ways in which technology can affect students in classroom. …
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How does Technology Affect Students in Classroom
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"How does Technology Affect Students in Classroom"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the use of internet applications will also provide significant benefits to gather relevant information independently. It facilitates the learners to collect a wide collection of appropriate materials which could assist them to be more self-dependent and career oriented (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, “Technology Assistance Program”). How Technology Enhances Educational Process According to a research of National School Boards Association, technology is an essential part of the modern educational system which offers various types of benefits to the learners. The major advantages of technology in the educational sector can be characterized into various factors which are significantly focused to enhance learners’ skills in different dimensions (National School Boards Association, “Technology’s Impact on Learning”). Fundamental Skills Instruction The fundamental skills in technology based educational system involve providing education related instructions to operate computer systems. In this stage, the learners or the students are provided learning to use computer for their education assistance. The study related education through different computer software and applications are provided to the students. Moreover, multimedia software and other audio and/or video technologies in the educational programs are utilized in order to strengthen and enhance the fundamental skills of the students for their educational programs (National School Boards Association, “Technology’s Impact on Learning”). Advanced Skills Instruction The advanced skills instruction of computer based educational programs is designed to use superior technologies in order to augment the educational levels...
This essay stresses that Thornburg had also mentioned that the new advancements in the technological aspects are playing a crucial role in the educational sector through offering different advanced systems of communication methods. The learners in the modern day context are highly involved in implementing technological aspects in most of their activities for collecting and sharing information. Moreover, the modern technologies further ensure to deliver a range of information which can be accessed by the learners through their personal devices at any time. Therefore, it is important for the learners to make use of advanced learning processes for their higher studies through effectively implementing technologies during their information collection and processing steps. With this concern, the rapid development of communication and the technological advancements facilitate learners to achieve higher educational programs.
This paper makes a conclusion that it has been recognized from the observation of Partnership 21st Century Skills, the online service in the educational program is an effective process that ensures to provide a collaborative approach for the learners to resolve various problems in the higher educational programs. The online educational service involves consulting projects with experts from other regions through an effective technological advancement in a cost effective and time efficient manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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