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Probable Outcomes of a Radiological Dispersion Device - Research Paper Example

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This paper will discuss the likely effect of the radiological weapons, which are mostly used by terrorists against the western nations. …
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Probable Outcomes of a Radiological Dispersion Device
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"Probable Outcomes of a Radiological Dispersion Device"

Download file to see previous pages In some cases, the radiological weapons can be categorized as weapons of mass destruction because they are used to deploy a state of panic in areas that are densely populated. In severe cases, these weapons may cause casualties in the area. Research asserts that the dirty bomb is not a nuclear weapon since; it lacks a significant explosive power as compared to other nuclear weapons (Ford, 1998). However, the dirty bomb uses some conventional explosives, which enable the device to spread the radioactive material. In most cases, they usually use fuels from radioactive medical waste and nuclear power plants. The other version of the radiological weapon is the salted bomb, which is a nuclear bomb that produces large amounts of nuclear fallout than the normal nuclear weapons.
When these weapons are deployed in an area, the location is significantly destroyed. The level of destruction depends on the radiological source and its quality. The effect of the radiological weapons can also be influenced by several factors. Some of the most common factors include the energy, radiation, half-life of the radioactive element, shielding, portability of the device, the role of the environment and the durability of the device among other factors (Ford, 1998). The radioisotopes used in the radiological weapons are manufactured in the nuclear power plants. In a typical case, a radiological dispersion device is not used to achieve a strategic goal but, these devices are used to inflict psychological effects. This asserts that when a radiological device is deployed in an area, the area is rendered inaccessible until it is decontaminated. The process of decontaminating an area affected by the radioactive element is quite expensive.
This asserts that when a radiological device is deployed in an area, the area is rendered inaccessible until it is decontaminated. The process of decontaminating an area affected by the radioactive element is quite expensive. After the end of the Cold War, most political relationships which undergirded the global balance of power were traumatized. Therefore, countries such as USSR and Yugoslavia were separated into various nations (Rickert, 2005). During this period, these countries lost most of its military hardware including the radiological weapons. The fatal impact of the radiological weapons has forced most countries to invest in purchasing detection equipment since; radiation cannot be detected with the human senses. In addition, most countries have also established plans which are aimed at fighting proliferation through coordinating emergency response, training and enhancing plans to secure and implement other security measures. According to several studies, which have been carried out in several countries, there are several elements, which are used in the radiological devices. Some of the elements which pose a considerable threat include Cobalt-60, Cesium-137, Iridium-192, Strontium-90, Californium-252, Plutonium-238 and Americium-241 (Blackman, 2001). The isotopes mentioned are considered as the most dangerous isotopes that can be used in radiological weapons. According to most sources, most of these isotopes can be found in Russia. This is because Russia uses the isotopes for various reasons in the nuclear plants and hospitals. The contamination caused by the radiological dispersion devices can lead to long-term health effects. Some of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Probable Outcomes of a Radiological Dispersion Device Research Paper.
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