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The Benefits and Challenges of Conducting Multi-Paradigm Research - Assignment Example

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This paper "The Benefits and Challenges of Conducting Multi-Paradigm Research" discusses some of the well- known paradigms such as positivism and critical theory. Term “paradigm”, as the definition of a pattern or example of something, came from ancient Greek philosophy…
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The Benefits and Challenges of Conducting Multi-Paradigm Research
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Extract of sample "The Benefits and Challenges of Conducting Multi-Paradigm Research"

Download file to see previous pages Kuhn also specified the questions, which should be clarified within a paradigm to consider it as a valid base for scientific research. A paradigm has to define what should be studied, what question and how should be asked, and also, which rules the researcher should follow to interpret obtained results. 

Analyzing the main paradigms, dominating in modern science, such as positivism, post-positivism, critical theory, and constructivism, Guba and Lincoln (1994), represented their opinion about the role of paradigms, their assumptions, and the implications of those assumptions for research. “Paradigms define for the [researcher] what it is they are about, and what falls within and outside the limits of legitimate [research]” (Guba and Lincoln, 1994, p. 108). The authors states that the basic beliefs that define a particular research paradigm may be summarized by the responses given to three fundamental questions: the ontological question (what is the form and nature of reality), the epistemological question (what is the nature of the relationship between a researcher and the object of research), and the methodological question (how can the inquirer go about finding out whatever he/ she believes can be known) (pp. 105-117).

Positivism. French philosopher Auguste Comte (1798–1857) was the initiator of the positivist paradigm, based on the philosophical ideas of observation and reasoning as the main ways of understanding reality and human behavior. According to August Comte, true knowledge is based on the experience of senses and can be obtained by observation and experiment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Benefits and Challenges of Conducting Multi-Paradigm Research Assignment - 1)
The Benefits and Challenges of Conducting Multi-Paradigm Research Assignment - 1.
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