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The ISO 9000 standard that deals with quality management systems evolved from one phase to another through revisions by a technical committee and advisory group with the help from professionals implementing the standard. The evolution was to make the standard better (Levett 3)…
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ISO 9000
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Download file to see previous pages It also checked compliance with standard documented procedures. The 2000 version was a game-changer as it introduced process management in companies. The 2000 version included the involvement of upper executives in quality delivery and improvement of the effectiveness through performance metrics. The 2008 version introduced clarifications to the requirements of the existing 2000 version. The new changes and clarifications aimed at improving consistency with earlier versions. The next version, 2015 version is under preparation.
The standard undergoes auditing to improve, correct and prevent problems from arising. The auditing can be external (by an external independent body) or internal (by internal staff trained for the purpose). Auditing involves continuous review and assessment to ensure that the system is working. The 1994 auditing focuses on compliance while the 2000 version includes risks, status and importance
Implementing ISO 9000 increases organization effectiveness, profits, promotes trade with other countries and makes marketing better. It also helps retain customers and improve satisfaction. In addition to improving employee motivation ISO 9000, reduces waste and increases company productivity.
However, ISO 9000 faces various criticisms. Some criticize it for the large amount of money, paperwork and time needed for registration. Some view the standard as a failure especially if a company seeks certification before quality. Others accuse ISO standards of not gauging whether a company is following the right procedure for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...providing resources, Foster the best practices of managing energy and strengthen and support good behaviours of managing energy, Help the facilities in prioritizing and assessing the introduction of new technologies which are energy-efficient, Facilitate the structure for the promotion of energy efficiency along the supply chain, Encourage the improvements for managing energy for the projects of reduction in emission of greenhouse gases, Enable the integration and combining with the other systems of organizational management which include health and safety, and environment protection standards. ISO 9000 – Quality management The family of standards containing the ISO 9000...
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...ISO Standards Qstn 3. Process 19. a. The two key processes that the teachers are supposed to follow are; Content delivery process; whose policy statement is that all the content should be delivered in a student-centred way and allow optimum student participation. Grading process; whose policy statement is that all the grading should be in line with the quality requirement and within the department guidelines. b. Process flow chart. Content delivering process flow chart. Some teachers follow all the steps involved in this process. However, some neglect the importance of providing the students with the course guidelines before c-the commencement of the class. In addition, others fail to give effective feedback. Grading and...
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