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The need is to understand where to draw the line and that too for the betterment of everyone. It is a fact that genetics and…
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The new way of scientific and technological developments
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ID Lecturer The New Way of Scientific and Technological Developments With the advent of technology, it was always a given that these developments will eventually have the better of mankind on one premise or the other. The need is to understand where to draw the line and that too for the betterment of everyone. It is a fact that genetics and biotechnologies pose more risks than were apparent in the yesteryears. This is because the evolution of the technological domains has meant something extraordinarily different for just about everyone. Also it has given birth to the philosophy of finding out where anomalies lie within the human domain and hence address this problem through the usage of technology. The natural world has changed, and that too by a mile which is something that hurts the cause of the society and brings more degradation than was to be seen in the past. It is something that poses as a huge barrier in the wake of changes which are coming up and which will be visible in the future. What matters now is a vision to set things right from modern science and technological quarters to make sure there are no problems experienced at any stage and not just within the genetics and biotechnologies which have become as huge risks rather than coming out as solutions and advantages. The natural basis of mankind and indeed humanity is what must remain supreme because that is the essence of this world. Merely using gadgets and technology would not offer many solutions and will stick at a single point in the future all said and done.
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