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The paper "Big Data Management - Problems and Solutions" discusses that if proper data management is used by the organizations, they could lessen chances of having their data leaked by integrating a security system along with their log management system solution. …
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Big Data Management - Problems and Solutions
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The sheer amount of data being generated by companies and organizations each day can total from around a terabyte of data up to quintillion bytes of data per day (Olavsrud 2). To properly manage huge amounts of data, a log system for bulky data can be used in order to store these as systematically as possible, making future retrievals easier and faster. However, many companies fail to upgrade their data management and are also unaware of the use of log management systems for large amounts of data, which could lead to incorrect processing as well as mismanagements or even security compromises. Therefore, working with big data should use systems for bulk data logging for better storage, management, security and federal compliance.
The main focus is on the importance of using a data logging system that is made especially for bulk data storage and retrieval. But despite their availability, many still resort to basic log systems or spreadsheets, which are effective in small amounts of data but may not be adequate when indexing many data, which could result to inconclusive results during a search (Olavsrud 2). Also, of the 207 respondents to the survey, only around half are concerned with big data management, and above half do not have sufficient tools to manage their large amounts of data (Olavsrud 1), and opportunities for growth can get bypassed as a result of non-upgrading.
The upgrade’s benefits can be seen in the long run, especially to those that use previous data to come up with better work solutions. Read More
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