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Sir Isaac Newton as the Father of Modern Science in Scientific History - Research Paper Example

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Sir Isaac Newton: the Father of Modern Science in Scientific History
In scientific history Sir Isaac Newton is considered as the father of modern science because of his epoch-making and unique contributions to the science of physics and mathematics. …
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Sir Isaac Newton as the Father of Modern Science in Scientific History
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"Sir Isaac Newton as the Father of Modern Science in Scientific History"

Download file to see previous pages Though in the field of physical science his predecessors have excelled in theoretical explanations of the behavior of the physical world, Newton provided theories a solid mathematical ground. He is mostly remembered because of his book “Philosophia Principia Mathematica” in which he explains the behaviors of moving bodies. Indeed the later development of Einsteinium Physics was greatly contributed to by the Newton’s the ideas and theories that he discussed in “Principia”. The book “Principia” brought him the fame and made him a public figure because of its importance to change the commoners’ view of the universe. Obviously Newton’s idea of the universe dominated the knowledge of the physics till Albert Einstein came up with a relative view of the universe in his theory of Relativity. Indeed even after the publishing of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Newton concept of the universe continued to teach people about the system and functionality of the universe.
Newton’s Contribution to Mathematics
Newton’s career began with his study on calculus. Though he invented calculus solely, the credit of inventing calculus fell upon the part of German scientist Leibniz. Anyway, in 1669 on the subject of infinite series Newton’s study paper "De analysi per aequationes numero terminorum infinitas" was greatly appreciated by his contemporaries. Regarding Newton’s genius Isaac Barrow’s comment was as following: "Mr Newton, a fellow of our College, and very young ... but of an extraordinary genius and proficiency in these things." ...
Indeed Newton’s Principia was not written in the language of Calculus, though he comprehensively used infinitesimal calculus in geometric forms. In Principia, Newton effectively employed “limiting values of the ratios of vanishing small quantities” naming it “the method of first and last ratios.” (Newton, 1727, p. 46) The use of “limiting values of the ratios of vanishing small quantities” through the method of indivisibles was the first step to employ calculus in explaining the universe. As a result modern scholars often called Principia “a book dense with the theory and application of the infinitesimal calculus.” (Truesdell, 1968, p. 99) Indeed Newton was “distinctly advanced every branch of mathematics then studied” (Ball, 1908, p. 67). During his lifetime Newton significantly contributed to the development and a number of fields of mathematics such as “generalized binomial theorem”, “Newton's identities”, “Newton's method”, “classified cubic plane curves”, “theory of finite differences”, and “use of fractional indices and coordinate geometry to obtain solutions to Diophantine equations” (Truesdell, 1968, p. 68). Newton’s Contribution to Physics One of Newton’s most remarkable contributions to science of his age was “the invention, design and construction of a reflecting telescope” (Gjertsen, 1986, p. 122) . This telescope had been considered as a significant advancement in the field of telescope technology. But his contributions to Optics were of greater importance. Newton spent several years investigating the refraction of light and invented that white light passed through a prism would decompose into a spectrum ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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