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Paper Culture Assignments: Your Ultimate Guide

Paper Culture Assignments: Your Ultimate Guide

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

What Is Paper Culture, and what is its Significance to Students?

Understanding culture is the essence of existence, and communication is at the center of any culture. Communication is not only man's greatest difference with beasts but the container that bears all of our historical legacy and cultural significance. Language is the container that stores all the things one is taught from birth to adulthood and transcends to the future generations. Thus, the point of a cultural identity paper is to determine the formation of identities, the core factors that influence its formation, and how these identities impact our lives. A paper culture should be a defining moment where one gets to not only write about religion but to comprehend its significance.

As defined by different scholars, language is the systematic approach where humans can exchange their ideas, feelings, and make expressions using vocal sounds. It could also be gestures and signs that convey a particular meaning to people who communicate and understand the same culture. A language provides the most effective and adequate way to understand a group of people or a community, whether it’s a small grouping or an entire nation. As part of a culture, language is simply inseparable. As such, identity is not merely a shallow factor in a community but is a complex notion that bears multiple levels and has deeper hidden meanings.

For instance, identifying oneself with a given community still leads to identifying with other related cultural beliefs by other communities. The vastness of one community’s beliefs transcends to the beliefs of another society, and together, they can be defined through certain behaviors. The way different examples of culture or cultures share diverse beliefs indicates the expansive nature of every identity. In an ideal case, affiliating to one culture means having relations with another grouping at a deeper level of co-existence.

Nevertheless, a student should not confuse the different forms of identities, namely cultural, social, and ethnic. Although all these concepts seem closely intertwined together to form the identity of a person, they embody dissimilar meanings and stem from different backgrounds with varying impacts on how they influence the world views for certain people. Thus, to get a clear picture of a person's identity, these factors, namely social, cultural, ethnic identity, and language, ought to be combined. Further, different culture examples can be analyzed as written by professional writers to understand the applicable approaches and the best ways to present one’s ideas.

Cultural Identity Definition:

Perhaps you have never had to write an Identity-related paper before. However, if asked to write for your class assignment, there are several factors you ought to consider for an exemplary final submission. The first thing to do is, to begin with, a cultural identity definition. For your write-up, it is a type of creative writing for academic-related exercises, geared towards enabling a student to freely express themselves as a way of appreciating their sense of belonging to a particular culture and their practices. It allows one to develop a sense of belonging and identification with a particular tradition, custom, or nationality. When writing an essay on cultural distinctiveness, it should aim at the following elements, namely:

  • Nationality
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Religion
  • History

Other than the formalities associated with writing these types of essays, the structure of a paper on culture is almost similar to that of any other essay such as persuasive and argumentative essays. However, students have to express their thoughts through the first-person perspective. In most cases, the tutor will not ask for any sources or in-text citations since the student will be expressing their knowledge, skills, experiences, emotions, and feelings about themselves. As such, there is no additional research required unless the student faces challenges with the approaches to use in formatting and presenting the paper.

So what is cultural identity? While it is the basis for the construction of the cultural-based paper, most students are usually stuck even in the definition. The reality with most write-up is that the student is immediately directed into research from different materials as a guide or source of information before they can finally craft their paper. However, in the case of cultural papers, the student is let to express themselves in a manner that befits their scope freely. Such is the dilemma most students have to contend with as they write their final submissions, since failure to grasp a concept and fully analyze it before writing men that the quality of content will greatly deteriorate. Further, every culture has its unique parameters. It necessitates that a student understands different cultures and their meanings.

An example of culture is the American culture where different groupings come together to contend with one belief, one ideology, and forge towards one dream. Hence, any student wanting to concentrate on the American culture must understand the components of this culture and their applicability in an essay. Therefore, before writing an identity essay on the American culture, you should seek to define the basis of the American dream and its precepts. You should also note that the format of your essay will most definitely be in MLA. The rationale for this is grounded on the fact that identity-related essays are part of an English or a literature class and thus follow the approaches offered by MLA.

Writing an Expert Essay on Culture Identity

To begin your write-up, you need to pick a good topic for your assignment. You should be conversant with the topic and able to present content in a logical manner that befits your level of study. Unless requested otherwise by your professor, you should focus on your life experiences and events. If requested to do a culture identity assignment about someone else; say a leader or a certain celebrity, proper research is a key factor for success. It is professionally sound that you begin your essay with a draft where you logically organize all your ideas immediately after deciding on the topic.

Start brainstorming on all the possible options with the help of an older friend, a family member, or even your tutor. These groups should possess a wider scope of knowledge on the culture and traditions you want to concentrate on for your paper. Using the draft, write down the interesting ideas and capture everything that comes out of your consultations and brainstorming. The more the information that comes to your head regarding the topic, the better and deeper your paper will reflect the said tradition or culture. In addition to brainstorming ideas, develop a thesis statement that will guide your entire paper. So after introducing your topic to the desired audience, always remember to finish your introductions section with a powerful and clear thesis statement, to act as the main argument for the rest of the paper.

Different identity examples can also come handy in helping you understand the topic you are delving in. For instance, writing about the Iranian identity requires you to understand the main parameters around the said topic. You need to understand the history of Iranian people, their practices since medieval times, the effect of world globalization on their cultural practices, and the role this culture plays in influencing the community. You can delve on questions like how globalization can enhance the relationships between Iranian culture and other cultures in making the entire world a single nation.

Thus, a cultural identity essay is a paper that a student writes with the main in mind being the understanding of self through looking at the factors that influenced your wellbeing, such as your childhood religion. Therefore, whenever you embark on writing an identity paper about you, it should be from free thought since you are the author and the only one to validate whatever things you express through your paper. Also, under the cultural identity theory, you are the only one who can tell your story. All the aspects surrounding your existence are anchored on your personality and experiences. Here are questions to answer under identity articles:

  • What is the effect of my childhood diet on my final personality?
  • What was the effect of the surrounding on my identity?
  • What are the factors that distinguished me form the rest while at school?
  • If subjected to the same conditions of my childhood, would I choose a different path?
  • How does my current life reflect that I had during my childhood?
  • Did my birth order affect the rest of my life to adulthood?
  • Would I choose a similar path if subjected to a different set of beliefs and traditions?
  • Did the decisions I made in my teenage years reflect in my current conditions?

Therefore, before writing a culture essay, you have to focus on the building blocks of the essay. Apart from questions, gather a wide scope of aspects such as beliefs, ideas on the traditions, and logical explanations for the given set of events.

The Main Components of an Identify Essay

Essay on identity poses one of the greatest challenges for any student since they confront the challenge of effectively identifying themselves and their cultural affiliations. While the curriculum includes an identity task as part of what students should learn for inculcating self-expression and in-depth thinking, not many students manage to comprehend the cultures or practices fully they undertake in their lives.

To begin an identity essay, you need to define cultural identity in perspective of your own culture. In your body section, develop logical and flowing sentences. Other paragraphs can be longer than the rest, but make sure the sentences have varying sizes and simple for the reader to follow. Make the paragraphs almost the same length. Here are some tips for writing a good body paragraph:

  • Commence each paragraph with an argument to discuss
  • Provide enough evidence in light of real-life experiences
  • Use transitions to comment on your ideas

If you get stuck in the course of your write-up, you can look for a cultural identity example written by a professional. The paper should guide you on the ways to present your ideas in a logical yet cohesive manner.

Cultural Identity Examples for Your Class Assignment

A paper on cultural resemblance may seem to provide a narrow scope in terms of the topic coverage, hence making it challenging to write an essay. Here are some of the cultural identity examples a student can choose from.

  • A real-life experience that affected you
  • An author’s imagination an influential person
  • A situation or place that matters
  • A tradition that was most memorable to you
  • A location or object in the mind of an author

These examples of identity topics are supposed to guide your write-up and yield a quality paper in the end. When considering different identities before formulating arguments in the final paper, the student can describe in detail how he/she gained valuable experiences and community perspectives, which ended up influencing their perception of certain realities.

As part of professional advice, always select a good topic that you can comfortably handle in writing culture paper. The topic should be a familiar one to enable you to comprehend the content fully and guide you in presenting your ideas in a clear and precise manner. One good example is writing about one's childhood.

To write an exemplary essay about a given culture or tradition, you will need to bring every aspect you envision to perspective. A good paper on identity entails, among other things, properly formulating a paper that is effectively capturing the people’s traditions, beliefs, and lifestyles. Ideally, you need to create a rough draft to act as a guide for the points you will present for the rest of the write-up. Eventually, seek to address nearly all if not all aspects of a given culture in the most profound way possible. Ensuring all components of a given culture are covered enables students to get high grades.

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  • Paper Culture Assignments: Your Ultimate Guide
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