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Informative Essay Writing: Best Tips and Samples

Informative Essay Writing: Best Tips and Samples

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Fundamentals of Informative Essay Making – All You Need to Know

Many students have a problem scribbling an informative essay. That’s not necessarily because the essay itself is difficult to write – the students just lack a basic understanding of this kind of essay. Essay writing can be very tricky, particularly because there are a lot of different kinds of essays. There are argumentative essays, comparison and contrast essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays, and of course, essays that inform the audience about a topic. This article illustrates how to write an informational essay.

Before we can delve any deeper into the concept of this essay, you must know what’s the inform definition. As the name suggests, this kind of essay explains a topic to the readers. The audience is informed about the various aspects of the topic of discussion. 

Let’s say it’s an essay about time management. You may read different aspects of management of time in such informative papers. They may contain a discussion of the planning process, scheduling, and tips and important pieces of advice to make the most out of your time. After reading these essays, you’ll be informed about how to manage your time best. 

It all starts with creating an informative essay outline. You need to be sure from the beginning what all you have to inform the readers about. So knowing how to write an informative essay outline is very important. Some of the things you should consider include:

  • Selecting a topic that you can find information about.
  • Doing your preliminary research and creating notes.
  • Building an outline using those points so that the essay has a skeleton.
  • Developing that framework into a full-fledge essay incorporating the details.
  • Making sure that the ideas are logically placed and interconnected.
  • Proofreading to eliminate grammar and punctuation mistakes.

What to Do Before Starting the Essay – Things to Ponder

The most important stage is deciding the topic. You have to create an essay that sufficiently elaborates the informative definition. You don’t want to put yourself in trouble by selecting an infrequent topic. On one hand, you want to write an impressive essay and get good marks. On the other hand, you need to ensure that you have sufficient informational sources to collect the data from. While common informative writing topics may be too typical and boring to write essays on, the topics shouldn’t be too rare either. 

If the teacher tells you a topic, you are obviously not left with any option. In that case, you may discuss your approach or points with the teacher before starting the essay. But if you are leveraged to choose a subject of your choice from among a range of informative essay topics, be wise and try to strike a balance between commonality and rarity. The topic should be based both on your choice and the availability of required information. Sources you can consult include your course books, library, and of course, the Internet.

Some of the Best Informative Essay Topics You May Like

If you are about to write this essay and are struggling with the finalization of a good topic, let us assist you. For your convenience, we have created a list of some of the best topics for this kind of essay. The topics are unique and yet fully qualify for being the subjects of informative writing. They include: 

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • The real meaning of happiness
  • Poverty
  • What it means to have high self-esteem
  • Success
  • Overweight and obesity

You can think of many such topics that are abstract yet hold a lot of meaning. While you may come up with good topics, the real challenge lies ahead - how to write an informative essay. You need to know what approach to adopt to write a convincing essay. Your essay should sufficiently discuss all important aspects of the topic so that it lays out its comprehensive definition.

Have a Look at an Excellent Example for Better Understanding

So let’s answer the big question - what is informative writing? It’s a kind of essay that defines the subject covering all its aspects. A good essay inculcates the true sense of the subject in the minds of the audience. After reading it, a person who didn’t know much about the topic should be informed enough to write an essay on it himself/herself.

To achieve that, it’s essential to create an outline containing all those important dimensions and aspects of the topic. Have a look at the following excerpt of an essay on self-esteem. Reading such informative essay examples helps create a good understanding of essay writing.

Self-esteem is arguably the most important thing an individual should have. It is a measure of the individual’s sense of the ability to achieve and progress in life. Self-esteem is closely related to self-image. People with high self-esteem are optimistic about their abilities. Even if they have limited resources, they have a firm belief in their skills. They don’t give up in tough circumstances and situations. Instead, they do everything in their capacity to alter the situation for the better. Using their strengths, wisdom, and an informed selection of resources, they can bring about a positive change in life. 

The topics can also be on processes. For example, you may choose to write an essay on the subject – how to drive a car. If you write it well, it will contain a comprehensive and step-by-step process writing definition of car driving. The reader may just start driving a car even if he/she has never done it in life or never learned it from anywhere else. If you have sufficiently discussed all steps involved in the process, you’ve defined it successfully.

Important Guidelines for Phrasing Informative Topics

While you may have many topics in mind, it is important to phrase your subject in the right way. Topics of informative essays are not very long. Since it’s a comprehensive definition of the subject, the topic may just be a word. However, it’s important to consider your teacher’s guidelines and strictly abide by them. 

If your teacher allows you to choose informative essay ideas of just one word, e.g., beauty, go for it. But if one word is declared insufficient by your teacher, expand your topic by adding the dimensions of the topic, you will particularly touch upon in the body of your essay. Since one word is vast and you can talk about all sorts of aspects it entails, frame your topic in a way that it highlights a particular dimension of it.

For example, rather than choosing informative topics like ‘beauty,’ you may select ‘internal beauty – a timeless bliss’ as the topic of your essay. Since you know that real beauty is a person’s intrinsic goodness. It originates in the good nature of the individual and only gets better with time. Unlike the external beauty that fades away with time, the internal beauty lasts forever because it is not related to a person’s genes or body. It is linked with the soul that never ages. 

The Right Way to Begin Your Essay – Expert Tips

To write it well, you must have a good sense of what is an informative essay. You will start and develop your essay following the very understanding of it. You might have come across or even written such essays in your academic career, but you might not have realized that they were informative essays.

So let’s start with the basics - what does inform mean? The literal meaning of the word ‘inform’ is ‘tell,’ ‘advise,’ ‘notify,’ or ‘educate.’ It’s obvious that such essays elaborate the subject to the readers so that they can get a gist of the subject. These essays help them learn about the topics inside out. Even if the papers are on good informative essay topics that are abstract like happiness or relaxation, the readers can sense and feel it even though they can’t actually touch it. If you have succeeded in educating them, you have sure written a good essay.

One of the things that students particularly find challenging is the beginning section of the essay. Many students have no idea how to start an informative essay. You can either directly delve into the depths of the concept or provide some background information about it and gradually lead the discussion towards describing it in detail. A particularly good way of starting this kind of essay is with a storyline. You instantly grab the attention of the readers, and at the same time, develop the plot in a way that it makes the meaning of the subject obvious and understandable for the readers.

Example Excerpt of the Start of an Informative Yet Informal Essay

Let’s talk about an essay on ‘happiness.’ As you know, happiness is a feeling. It cannot be seen in terms of mass or color, nor can it be touched. Yet, when a person is happy, there are certain behaviors that he/she exhibits. The following informative essay example shows an excerpt from the opening section of the essay. Rather than explicitly stating that it’s an essay on happiness, the starting rather contains an interesting storyline. 

She was delighted that day. Unlike most other days when she felt that she was the most unskilled employee in the company, Anna was positive that with a little research and effort, she could bring about a positive change in the culture of the company. The performance appraisal had done wonders for her. On her way home from the office, she dropped by a local bakery and fetched a box full of freshly baked brownies. Sure, she wanted to celebrate her achievement with her family. She entered the home with a big grin on her face, rolling the car keys on her finger, and rushed towards the dining table.

The above excerpt tells you that writing an informative essay doesn’t have to be very formal. It’s up to you how creatively you approach it. With a little effort, planning and thinking, you can come up with an interesting plot that not only makes the readers aware of the true meaning of the subject but also actually helps them feel it as they read your essay.

You can notice that the above informal essay tells the readers how a person feels when he/she is happy. The readers also learn possible reasons for an individual to be happy – performance appraisal of the essay’s protagonist Anna in this case. Moreover, they learn what an individual does when overcome by the effect of happiness.

Good Ideas for Making an Informative Essay Conclusion

In the body of the paper, you describe the topic so that a comprehensive definition is laid out. Then you step towards writing the conclusion. It’s imperative to wrap up the discussion in a way that the readers understand your approach, your rationale for adopting it, and at the same time, the real meaning of the subject you have elaborated. A good informative essay conclusion reiterates and sums up the discussion, while finally defining the topic one last time. This helps the readers leave the essay with a firm impression of the subject’s meaning on their minds.

How to Write an Informative Research Paper

Sometimes, students get research papers on informative subjects. So the writing is not limited to essays. However, if you follow these guidelines, you can come up with an excellent informative research paper:

  • Do your research to collect important data about the subject.
  • Books and journal papers are typically reliable sources to collect the information from.
  • Since it’s a research paper, documenting and citing others’ findings on the subject is important.
  • The phrase a question that your research paper will answer.
  • Define the subject in depth deriving inferences from your cited sources.

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  • Informative Essay Writing: Best Tips and Samples
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