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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2017

How to Write an Argumentative Essay-Papers

With your argument essay, you are supposed to state a position, argue it out with facts, attempt to dispel any doubts in the reader’s mind by making counterarguments, and finally reaffirm your standpoint with a succinct conclusion. Argument essays usually cover major stories of human significance and interest, whether at the local community on international level on broad topics such as the environment, technology, medicine and health and human laws.

As a student, you’ve probably wondered how to write a argumentative essay. You need to clearly read your essay prompt to determine whether the essay requires you to do either of the following with your argument claims:

  • Show fact, i.e. is the prompt true or not?
  • Show definition, i.e. what is the true meaning of it?
  • Show value, i.e. how important it is.
  • Show cause and its subsequent effects.
  • Show policy on arguments.

The introduction and expression of these arguments should mesh with your outline for argumentative essay.

Learning how to write an argumentative essay is important before you get to the real assignment. These papers require proper research and time if any arguments presented are to hold water. Students who face problems such as lack of time or skill on how to make an argumentative essay should consider using an expert service like this.

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How to Write A Good Argumentative Essay | Where to Start

Now that you’ve understood what the prompt want you to do, you need to develop your argumentative essay outline. How to start an argumentative essay is the question. The best way to write an argumentative essay is to use an essay template. That way, it is easy to plug in pointers which you can then expound on once you have gathered enough data and conducted enough research when writing your first draft.

While the structure might slightly vary from one institution to another, the best argumentative essay outline usually follows the classical Introduction with the background and thesis, the arguments for and refutations of those arguments, and a final conclusion. Research will always help you tame some of the jitters that you might initially have on the paper or topic statement. It is also very important to understand historical perspectives on these issues and see what scholars and others have had to say about both sides of the debate. This helps you for your own coherent thought process which you can then present and articulate succinctly. How to write a good argumentative essay will ultimately depend on your ability to do proper research and follow the process of developing your draft and actual paper. 

Developing a Proper Argument Paper Outline

A major problem that students face is how to structure an argumentative essay correctly.

The proper argument essay outline follows the structure below, although the argument format might vary from Classical and Rogerian, to Toulmin.

Your Introduction comprises a background and a thesis statement. Usually it is important to start with a confounding hook that immediately sets the reader on the path of understanding what the problem might be and what you might do about it. The background puts the problem into context. Next comes the Thesis Statement which is your main prompt that expressly states what the problem is, what position you are taking and what possible arguments and counters that you will be applying.

The Main Body of your argument paper outline will begin with your Claims and their evidences, and the next part with their counters and possible refutations too. The evidence that you present should be traceable and should always be related to facts, statistics, scholarly agreements or precedents. It is usually prudent to present three pieces of evidence for each claim you outline, although the actual number will vary with the rubric your essay is devoted to. Any opposing views that you present should also contain a rebuttal.

The last part is the Conclusion, in which you restate summarily, your main ideas, and offer possible ramifications if your ideas weren’t implemented.

An argumentative research paper outline will look similar to the one above but will also require the writer to include references and in-text citations unless expressly stated.

Other Things to Consider About Your Argument Essay

Your paper should always show a coherent thought process and ability to debate without any personal invocations or whipped emotions. In learning how to write argumentative essay, you should quickly choose the argument strategy that you wish to employ. The Classical Argument Strategy will see the writer employ the format for argumentative essay already elaborated on above, with drawing the reader’s attention in with a thesis statement, then presenting arguments and their refutations.

The Rogerian Strategy will deviate from this with a more compromised argument set, expounding on the issues and trying to find points of reason.

Perhaps the Toulmin Strategy is the more difficult one to apply, seeking to use qualifiers for whatever portions of the arguments and following clear logic to set the path to the most viable Conclusion.

Your Format for Argumentative Essay Should Be Logical Above All

Perhaps the most important quality of any good argumentative essay is the ability to present your ideas and their backing logically leading to a plausible conclusion.

The best argumentative essay format will follow the rules above, although a specific rubric will be provided by your professor. It’s always a question how to write a good argumentative essay. Students may be great researchers but making this presentation may be a problem for them. In some cases, the proper structure might not be adhered to. The most frequent scenario is where students don’t take time to understand the essay prompt, or where there arguments are not developed logically.

The argumentative essay structure that we have presented will ultimately work if you do enough research and engage yourself in the entire thought process. You should make your language clear and concise, and you shouldn’t dither in your arguments.

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