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How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics?

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics?

By StudentShare

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics?

An argumentative essay requires writers to take a position on issues of importance or some level of human impact, and defend those positions comfortably through fact and debate while also acknowledging that there are opposing positions to the arguments presented.

Argument topics will require the student to go in-depth into research and qualitative writing. It is therefore important for the student to choose argumentative essay topics that they will enjoy working on or they already have an interest in. Most students face the challenge of coming up with topics to write about mostly because of the fear of deriving a solid thesis statement. We all have debates that rage on in our minds and we always express debate even in our everyday conversations.

Unless already provided, the position paper topics that you are considering should all have important elements of human or environmental importance, and everything in-between. The position statements should be insightful and the student should be able to reaffirm them with facts and in-depth research.

Good argumentative essay topics will often be on controversial issues, and the writer should therefore find something that they are comfortable with. While there might be some level of emotional investment in these essays, it is always mandatory for arguments to be backed by fact. Our team has plenty of argument paper topics with links to relevant and recent sources for you to use for your own writing.

Your Essay Topics Should Be Researchable

The best quality about any great topics for argumentative essays is their ability to transform the question into argument through fact. Your essay topic leads directly into your introduction and the hook and seeks a succinct presentation of the thesis statement. The topic that you choose and how you present it is as part of your title is an important part of getting the reader to pay mind to your paper.

Once you have identified an area that is controversial and relevant to you, you can start thinking about possible important debates within that area. You should be able to think about the entire debate in a nutshell before you delve into research for the paper. Good argument topics either give hindsight or some forward perspective on issues succinctly. The topic will usually be phrased as a question and will require the student to conduct investigation into facts, causes and their varied effects, policy, definitions or values. Good essay topics have the ability to summarize the entire debate into one summarized title.

Examples of Argument Essay Topics That Work

In order to make the topic work for you, you should be able to change it into a question. How you go about answering the question is your thesis. We have a variety of controversial essay topics that you can select for your perusal covering such topics as:

  • Health, wellness and fitness.
  • Medical research.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Global policies on economics and trade.
  • Technology and social media.
  • Gender and parenting.

You may also be required to phrase your debate in form of a speech, in which case we have a variety of argumentative speech topics that you can use and learn from. In choosing an argumentative speech topic that works, it is important to choose one that you can take a strong viewpoint on without changing your stance. The kind of audience that you are looking to appeal to is also an important part of choosing topics for argumentative essay and deciding on how best it is to approach the paper. The topic that you should choose should also give you the ability to expound on any grey areas that you feel may alter the debate or contribute more towards the readers opinions.

In addition to helping you out with your argument essay topics, our writers will help you develop your topic into a solid thesis statement and build that thesis statement into arguments and counterarguments, culminating in a well-written paper.

One of the Widest Variety of Topics for Argumentative Essays

Looking for controversial topics for research paper writing? Research papers usually seek to combine the student’s research critical-thought and analytical skills. To solve the research problem, the student will need to look at scholarly works beyond their own. This means that to get argumentative research topics that you can develop well, you need to consider research applications that have been conducted already in the area you are interested in. Your research paper rubric may in addition require the writer to include references and citations, and the student should default use these citations whether in-text or as footnotes, unless expressly prohibited by the prompt.

The best argumentative research paper topics are often testable as they not seek a student’s views on a subject, but they also seek to present a logical solution to a problem in a manner that if somebody else were to test it, they’d probably come up with the same solution. Therefore, when looking for topics for an argumentative essay, you should settle on something that others can relate to and which has some level of research already conducted upon it.

As you are doing the outline and draft of the paper, you should be able to see if the topics for an argumentative essay you have chosen are too wide or narrow, based on the template you are trying to fill out. Ideally, for each argument that you want to present, there should be a rebuttal and an opinion on that rebuttal. If you can’t find enough arguments for the topic that you have selected or possible find too many varied or generic arguments on the same, it may be time to narrow it down or widen it significantly. The argumentative topics that you choose will guide the rest of your paper, therefore it is important to settle on a subject that you can comfortably conduct your research on.

Argumentative Speech Topics and So Much More

Our team has a wide array of argument topics for you to choose from. You’ll even access samples of argument speeches for you to choose from. Speeches are markedly different in that one needs to express their inner-most thoughts while backing these arguments with fact. They will certainly use emotional appeal to convince the reader or listener, and this is one reason why it might be difficult for students to articulate themselves in speeches, especially when they haven’t thought much about the subject. Your speech should be able to show your personal convictions on a subject, strongly backed by fact and logic. The topic statement should be logical and have a significant impact for others to want to listen in on the debate.

We offer topics, samples and examples which you can use to make your writing better. Order your own custom paper now if you need an expert to do it for you!

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