Popular Process Essay Topics

Popular Process Essay Topics

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Step-By-Step Works with All Our Process Essay Topics

Process essays are important in showing a student’s understanding of how certain concepts or objects work. They offer step-by-step guides to how something works or how to do something. From the information provided with a process essay, the reader can either replicate the steps in real life if they have been properly recorded, or they should understand how the process works and be able to create a mental picture of that process from the information given.

Process essays are important in gauging how well the student has understood something and how well they can reproduce it for someone else’s understanding. We have process essay topics in some of the most popular high school subjects and college disciplines, such as Economics, Finance, the Sciences, Technology, Politics, Law, Education, the Arts and Humanities and a vast array of other subjects that find application of this kind of essay.

We work to make life a little bit easier for students who are struggling to work on these and other essays. Through tips, tricks, examples and process essay sample topics, you can learn how to easily write these essays, with the proper structure. Depending on the topic that you have chosen, you might vary the kind of presentation that you choose. You might also be tempted to write the essay in a lab report-like fashion. Remember that this is an essay and should take the format of one.

We have interesting process essay topics for students at all academic levels; middle school, high school and college. As the academic level increases, so does the complexity and specialization of the essay. Keep in mind how much detail describing the process will require you to have. Good process essay topics allow you to significantly narrow down the detail into a coherent fashion that won’t take up too much space. This is the benefit that the examples we provide afford you with.

What to Think About When Picking Topics for a Process Essay

You can’t be expected to explain the entire process of say, sending the space shuttle to space, plus all mathematical and physical derivations in the space of a single essay. However, you can focus on the most important and pertinent details of the process significantly such that the reader can get a mental picture of what happens behind the scenes. Likewise, an essay about how to fill up pressure on car tires might be too brief to fill up those 700 words that are required by your professor.

Selecting topics for a process essay might be the hardest part of writing the essay. The student needs to settle on something that they are quite conversant with and will have an interest writing. If you are going to write about a real-life process, avoid any unnecessary details and keep the essay direct and clear without boring the life out of your reader.

Our process essay topic ideas are tailored for different audiences, and we have made a point to explore the different college disciplines with the expertise of our writers, to bring you one of the most comprehensive lists on these essays.

If you are an undergraduate student, some process essay topics for college students that you can think of categorized under discipline include:

  • Technology and Engineering

How CFCs and carbon emissions contribute to global warming.

How cement is extracted from clinker.

How the structural design process is carried out from start to finish.

How BlockChain works.

How electricity is generated.

How groundwater recharge works.

  • History and Law

How the Berlin Wall fell.

How the Protestant reformation significantly reduced the power of the Roman Catholic Church.

How the Crusaders fell to the Forces of Saladin.

How World War 2 came to an end.

How the freedoms of accused individuals are protected by the constitution.

  • The Arts

How to create a portrait.

How to write a symphony.

How to learn the guitar.

How to paint with acrylic paint vs water paint.

We have over 50 disciplines which we have already produced complex process essay topics such as the ones above, prepared especially for college students. We also have examples for high school students who may be looking for something simpler. Process essays occur in virtually every subject and sooner or later, you will be forced to write a process essay yourself.

Process Essay Sample Topics | What to Think About

At the back of your mind should always be the instruction to express processes in a step-by-step fashion. The structure of the essay is fairly simple and should begin with the introduction which lets the reader know about the process. Though you can give a brief history about the subject, it is often not advised, and it is preferred to go direct to the process description.

For essays which elaborate on historical events, it is always advised to stick to one format of chronological precedence. You can choose to use dates, or occurrence of events, or both if you can ensure that utmost flow is adhered to. Avoid going into superfluous detail when writing these types of essays. Keep straight to the point.

Going over the rubric presented by your professor will give you a pretty good idea of how to go about writing the essay and factors to consider such as length and topic limitation. The examples of process essay topics that we provide you with always bring out the thesis statement clearly in a way that you can immediately get to writing out the solution instead of spending too much time thinking about what the instructions require you to do.

Often, you will use the 5-paragraph essay approach, with the introduction, the main body with paragraphs elucidating on the steps and the final solution, and a conclusion that ties the thesis statement in the introduction and your conclusion.

Transitions are important when writing out these essays. The aim isn’t just to write out a set of processes, but to help the reader create a full mental picture of what might possibly happen if they follow your process. Transitions ensure logical flow of the essay and help mark these steps so that they are easy to follow in the mind of the reader.

 Let’s say you are working on a Chemistry process essay for the Solvay process which produces soda ash and need to compress all that information into a page or two. First, you need to understand the various segregated steps since this is an actual industrial process. You also need to understand the various inputs and outputs of each process, and how the output from one step is applicable in another step. Transitions may read something like “after the Calcium Oxide is produced, it is mixed with Ammonium Chloride to produce Calcium Chloride…” Since this is an essay, you might not want to put in any chemical equations unless it is absolutely required of you or if you are emphasizing the main points of the process.

Process Essay Topic Ideas Whether for Abstract or Concrete Processes

In the above example provided on the Solvay process, the student is describing an actual physical process that is used in industry. Since these are known steps, it might be fairly easier to describe a concrete process if you do fully have it within your understanding and grasp. However, for abstract processes in which there aren’t any clearly defined steps, it may be difficult to segregate into their most relevant sections without getting too superfluous. This is why it is of vital importance to choose a process essay topic that you are sure you have a good understanding of and can summarize if there is a need.

The beginning should explain to your readers why the process is important, and help them anticipate what that knowledge will help them with. In cases where the process might not be clearly outlined, the introduction is your opportunity to engage the reader’s mind in case the process explanation becomes difficult. Always make sure to include the materials used in the different processes too.

We not only have serious essay examples, but funny process essay topics too. Think about something funny such as an embarrassing moment, a funny habit, a pet-peeve or a movie that you have watched and think about a process you can derive from that. An example would be “how to beat your embarrassment by being embarrassed.”

We provide process essay example topics in both high school and college disciplines, from serious process essay topics in technical disciplines to humorous ones. Our topics are well-thought out and are designed to give you an easy time with your writing.

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  • Popular Process Essay Topics
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