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Top Descriptive Essay Topics

Top Descriptive Essay Topics

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Descriptive Essay Topics | Choosing What to Write About

Descriptive essays are everywhere around us. They are highly sensory and pervasive in our everyday lives; in characters, seasons, looks, thoughts, places, memories, emotions, feelings and imagination. These essays might probably be the easiest to write, due to the fact that they don’t need much research. They can be as short as half a page or as long as a best-selling novel.

Descriptive essays are successful only if they are able to inspire all the five basic human senses to life in the reader, i.e. taste, touch, sight, smell and sound. Some feelings might however be more dominant in certain themes than in others. The vivid description of those qualities in a way that the reader can feel them too is what lights up a boring story and enables the reader to relate to the writer. The essay prompt might ask you to describe different things usual in every day human life such as objects, places, people, situations or emotions. Heck, the prompt might be something as simple as “why is your favorite color your favorite color?”

Perhaps the hardest thing about writing a descriptive essay isn’t even the lack of words or things to write about. It is choosing a topic to write about. Descriptive essay topics tend to sound very generic since they describe things that are intrinsic to our human nature and would not normally even bother our thought processes.

Students who are naturally not great at expressing themselves might find our services useful. You may have the entire story figured out in your head but putting it in words is effectively impossible after a few words. Your professor might request 1000 words but you are unable to move beyond 100.

Even some colleges will require you to submit some form of a descriptive essay in the guise of your admission essay or personal statement. If you are telegraphing a speech, you need to describe an emotion, a thought or a feeling in vivid detail, which is quite important for the reader to understand your point of view, your perspective and your thought process without ever having figured it out.

We have plenty of descriptive essay topics for college students who are looking to make their writing better, beat their assignment deadlines or start charting their way out into college.

What Makes Good Descriptive Essay Topics?

Have you ever read a book or a newspaper and thought, “man I could literally taste that Chocolate Sunday right off my lips”? Descriptive essays are supposed to give the reader that exact feeling, although the sensory attachment could be different. Maybe you read about a holiday destination that you have previously visited and you can mentally visualize what the sights were and what the places were like.

We might not be able to express our own stories, not because we aren’t great writers but because we simply don’t know what to write about. It might be intuitive to want to guard some experiences or even undermine them, thinking them not worthy or interesting enough to be expressed on paper.

Our topics for descriptive essays might inspire you to tell your own story or help you relate with a past memory or experience. The story doesn’t have to be 10,000 words to make sense. It can be as short as a page but still make an impact.

With our descriptive essay topic ideas you don’t have to spend too much looking for what to write about, you just need to focus on writing it. Our services also houses some of the best professional writers who have years of experience creating descriptive and personal essays. The thing about personal essays is that the story or experience becomes easier to narrate as the writer gains more writing experience.

Easy descriptive essay topics for you to think about include:

  • An amazing holiday experience.
  • A person that you look up to.
  • A book that you’d read again.
  • A character in a film that you can relate to.
  • A program that you like watching.
  • A bad habit that you’d like to kick.
  • Why you’d love to go into a certain career.
  • A famous quote that motivates you and how it does motivate you.

These are just simple and relatable essay topics that could be thought of as generic to everyone. However, the prompt could be discipline specific and you might even be asked to describe something as complex as a law that you think should be repealed in the constitution, i.e. if you are a Legal student.

Whatever the topic or its complexity, the most important element lies in the description of detail, not the technicalities.

Professional Writing and Descriptive Essay Topics for College

While these essays may not require much research, it is important to create a roadmap to writing successfully early enough and not procrastinate or lay too much confidence in time. The best topic for descriptive essay is one that you can connect with on a personal level. The need to evoke emotions is always a difficult one because humans are subject to so many different idiosyncrasies. Key is not what you write about, it’s how you go about writing it.

“Okay, I have three or four good descriptive essay topics in mind but don’t know which one is the best to pick.”

This is a usual conundrum for those who are just starting out writing their descriptive essays. The best way to go about it is to find one among those selected topics which you can relate with best or which has a rolling storyline in your mind already. If you try writing the first paragraph for each of the topics that you settled for and you find one which just flows out from your fingers effortlessly, you might already have a story. Once you have a narrowed down descriptive essay topics list, it is easy to see which story you relate with more and make a choice as to what to write about.

While descriptive essays are more open to structural freedom and don’t follow an expressly stated outline for thinking, logical delivery is still important if you want your reader to respond to your story emotively. You can get technical as possible with the details if you are describing an object or a process, say for example, how something is created in a factory or describing how to put up a structure.

The different between these and other types of essays is that you can plan out the story in your mind first without any need for research. However, it is still important to create an outline and stick to it if you want your flow to be consistent and your writing easier.

Topics for descriptive essay writing should have core themes which the reader can explore, and there should never be any dawdling when writing the essay. While it is more in the subset of creative writing, descriptive essays are still useful for cascading important ideas, thoughts and themes, while making use of a rich sensory environment.

Easy Descriptive Essay Topics for Different Levels

We have essay topics for all academic levels:

  • Descriptive essay topics for middle school- These are usually quite simple and designed to give kids introspection. They may include anything from your favorite pet, your favorite color to your favorite day of the year. Kids can also be asked to describe their best friends.
  • Descriptive essay topics for high school students- The ante is kicked up a notch a bit for high schoolers. Descriptive essays here might read something like ‘describe a novel character you relate with’, ‘a famous personality that inspires you’ to ‘something that you can’t wait to do once you complete high school’.
  • Descriptive essay topics for college- While in college you are more specialized and can now start relating these essays to more technical subjects. You can be asked to describe a process, or the question can read something like ‘what single book have you read that completely changed your way of thinking?’

We are never out of good topics to write a descriptive essay on. If you visit our online library, you too can find something cozy to write about. And if you still can’t write your own essay even after going through our topics, our professional writers are always at hand to give you the best descriptive essays possible.

Our writers are always available and ready for the next order and we work on tough deadlines to deliver quality papers with affordable CPPs. This is how you get that stellar grade in your essay; by talking to the experts.

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