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Best Controversial Essay Topics

Best Controversial Essay Topics

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Controversial Essay Topics Address Crucial Human Issues

Among essay genres that make use of in-depth research and showcase the analytical skills of students are argumentative essays. Controversial persuasive essay topics tackle issues of vital human importance and are meant to test the ability of the student to critically think out, analyze and give their opinions on topics of significance such as the environment, policy, health, fiscal management, legislation, bio-ethics and other prompts that carry the weight of debate.

Controversial essays are that branch of argumentative writing that is highly polarizing and will require the writer to take a strong and definitive stance, with the ability to test arguments and explore both sides of the debate. Controversial topics for persuasive essays are highly opinionated and may even take on the writer’s biases fully, though any arguments should always be supported by fact. Beyond that, the writer should be able to anticipate opposing arguments and show the ability to rebut these based on fact.

Research is the basis of any controversial essay, and that’s why these papers are some of the most difficult to write. Besides that, controversial essays have lots of ‘grey areas’ so to speak. That means that there are rarely just two sides to the coin for these types of essays. Folks can take many different stances depending on what the issue is. They also require the student to have given considerable thought to the issue at hand, beyond any research that would be conducted.

This in effect means that choosing controversial essay topics which the student can easily research, debate and write out is one of the hardest parts of writing these essays. As is obvious, the multi-level procedure of writing these essays, from choosing a controversial essay topic, doing thorough research and thinking about all possible sides of the debate, to creating drafts and writing the final piece might make these essays a bit difficult for students to tackle.

There is no shortage of controversial issues for essays. We aim to make this selection process easy for you through the following:

  • Helping you choose a suitable topic in your discipline if you lack ideas.
  • Provide samples, tips and other tricks that should make the writing process easy.
  • Do the difficult research work and help you develop your thesis statement, arguments, counterarguments and a solid analysis and conclusion.
  • Write out an original essay adhering fully to the rubric provided by your professor including the citation technique, word count and formatting.
  • Editing, proofreading and checking the flow and logical flow of the essay that you have written and making sure that the document is crisp and perfect.

Controversial Topics for Essays| Where It All Starts

Controversial essays find use in virtually every possible discipline or subject that you can think about. In the field of Law, your professor may ask you to debate Gun Laws and the 2nd Amendment, Planned Parenthood, the Affordable Care Act and other relevant and controversial topics. Controversial history essay topics may include such prompts as How World War 2 Shaped Global Policy, The Roman Empire’s Place in Modern Democracy and The Effectiveness of the Hellenistic Approach in Education.

Whatever the discipline in which you need to write these essays under, be prepared to do thorough research and have a far-reaching perspective that goes beyond just your own opinion.

While your professor might give you a prompt under a specific subject, you might need to choose a relevant essay topic on your own. Controversial topics for essays might be difficult to settle on due to the student having insufficient knowledge on the subject, the topic being too complex or the topic being too wide to form a coherent argument and thought process. The complexity will vary depending on your academic level, and that’s why we have controversial argumentative essay topics for different levels, such as high school, college and graduate school.

As you move up higher the academic level, you will also need to refine, articulate and properly research your debate, making use of relevant and known references. The debate should be clear and logical, and the presentation should be succinct and to the point. It is a known fact that these debates will have many sides to think about. There isn’t really a wrong or a right side in these essays. In fact, you will rarely find essays in generic topics or in topics where one side of the argument is already supported by the vast majority, i.e. topics in which the right or wrong is abundantly clear.

What matters in these debates is procession of facts and arguments. Therefore, when searching for ideas for controversial essay topics, think about the following:

  • How much knowledge you have about the subject and whether you have sufficient interest in the topic.
  • What the scope of the subject is and how much research you need to do to come out with conclusive arguments.
  • Are there enough sources in terms of presentable real-life facts, statistics, scholarly research and other evidences that will help you sufficiently build your case?

Controversial Essay Sample to Stir up Your Creativity

“Extra-terrestrial life doesn’t exist.”

Think about this simple controversial essay sample prompt for a minute and how you would go about arguing out the essay. First, you would need to pick a side you support. You have to be unequivocal about what side you are supporting, unlike in expository essays where you’d only need to present the facts as they were and let the reader decide what to think about the topic. If you decide to support the argument, you’d need to develop your arguments with research that supports the thesis statement. Likewise, if you want to negate the argument you’d need to present facts that support your position and also anticipate any arguments that the opposition would present. In this case, a thesis statement for a negation to this prompt would read something like:

“Extra-terrestrial life is a high probability as evidenced by interviews from former NASA and CERN researchers, sightings of UFOs in different parts of the world and phenomena that extend beyond man-made capabilities.”

A few things that you should consider in the controversy analysis essay example presented above:

  • The thesis statement shows clearly what side of the argument the author is taking. The use of the word ‘probability’ shows that the writer acknowledges that the evidence to be presented might not be conclusive, but definitely shows where the chips will fall in the argument.
  • The thesis statement already gives the reader a glimpse of the argument points to be raised, i.e. interviews by authoritative sources i.e. scientists and researchers, sightings and phenomena that are beyond human explanation.

We have other controversial essay examples that you can read through and choose from in our vault. Our approach to writing these essays is thorough research and multi-pronged debate that is sure to cover all your bases.

Looking For Ideas for Controversial Essay Topics? Start Here

We’ve spent a good amount of time and energy working on these kinds of essays and their variants. We know what makes a good debate and how to refine an argument with clear and logical presentation, coherent thought and transitions that are bound to totally engage and convince your reader.

Our controversial argument essay topics have links to sample papers and analysis that you can effectively use to make your own writing better. See what mistakes you are making as you write your essays and see how to develop you own debate skills. The typical format of these essays will have an introduction with a thesis statement, a main body with arguments and their counters, and a conclusion that doesn’t just restate the facts, but also seeks to tie up the arguments and give a succinct explanation as to why the one side of the debate was chosen.

Plenty of Controversial Medical Topics for Essays

Health and Medicine provide fodder for some of the most controversial debates, due to the direct involvement of the human person. Controversial medical topics for essays can ask you to debate about Abortion, Euthanasia, Stem-Cell Research, Use of Nanotechnology in Cancer Research, Legalization of Marijuana and its effects, Traditional Medicine vs Modern Treatment Effectiveness and the Long Term Effects of Contact Sports Such as the NFL on Degenerative Brain Disorders.

Our writers can tackle controversial essays even in the most complex topics, subjects or discipline. We have written essays for middle school, high school, college and graduate scholars. We offer great benefits such as affordable pricing, original writing and 24/7 writer support. Our benefits extend to discounts and bonuses with each purchase you make.

Talk to our team today to order your very own custom paper now!

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