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Identify reports into serious failures to protect individuals from abuse

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There were two major reports on abuse you may take into account:

  • Unsafe practices at Hillcroft nursing home in Slyne-with-Hest near Lancaster (May 2010 – September 2011), and
  • The Winterbourne case

In the first report, it states that nursing home staff neglected, emotionally and physically abused persons with a lack of capacity under The Mental Capacity Act 2000 because they would have no memory of the abuse and they couldn’t report it by themselves.

The Winterbourne case showed staff repeatedly assaulting and harshly restraining patients under chairs. Staff gave patients cold punishment showers, left one outside in near zero temperatures, and poured mouthwash into another's eyes. They pulled patient's' hair and forced medication into patients' mouths. Victims were shown screaming and shaking, and one patient was seen trying to jump out of a second-floor window to escape the torment and was then mocked by staff members.

You can also use papers related to the topic, to make your investigation deeper. F.e. you can look for Abuse of Law or check for International responsibility for abuse.

updated 10 months ago

It is required that one carries out research of cases of massive failures to safeguard vulnerable persons from abuse were reported. Abuse may occur at any place and at any time but more particularly to the vulnerable society such as children, mentally handicapped, disabled people, and people with cognitive difficulties. Abuse can occur in the safest places of all such as hospitals, penitentiaries, daycares, and schools among other institutions.

One renowned case is the Winterbourne case where eleven employees were caught on surveillance cameras physically abusing patients of the health facility. This was after both patients, and their visitors complained. The CCTV footage showed the members of staff slapping, trapping patients under seats, poking their eyes, and unbelievably soaking them in icy-cold water. Instances of non-physical forms of abuse such as insults which is a form of emotional and verbal abuse. The management plus the staff that was not involved in the abuse but failed to report were as guilty as the abusers.

The other case that was reported in the Orme house case. Due to negligence, residents slept on very dirty, pest-ridden mattresses and consuming takeaway food rations. This may not have been a physical or emotional abuse like the Winterbourne case but was still abuse. Orme house case was abuse through neglect and provision of filthy living conditions. In these two cases, the regulatory body seems to have slept on their job allowing such kind of mistreatment to go on under their watch.

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