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support individuals with specific communication needs

explain the importance of meeting an individual’s communication needs and identify specialist services relating to communication technology and aids.

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I think the importance of meeting the communication needs of each person is not questionable. It enables people with communication difficulties to become an active society member, to be involved in the social processes equally with others.

As for the services, I can name several of such kind. The ACE Centre is based in the UK. It is aimed to help people with complex disabilities to be able to communicate with others. Most of the center clients have language and learning difficulties, and without proper service with practices on adaptation, they feel a great lack of communicational abilities. Basically, they stay off of society.

Action on Hearing loss is a London-based organization that represents people suffering deafness (more than 9 mln in the UK). The organization provides not only special methods for deaf people education and social adaptation. It also aims to provide deaf people with employment.

In the US there is a Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, that develops tools and technologies to replace a nonfunctional speech or to supplement the existing one. More about such means of communication you can learn here.

Inclusive Design Research Center offers voice output communication aids for the people with speech difficulties. For example, for the children with autism.


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There are several points to highlight, which are of particular importance when speaking of supporting individuals with specific communication needs. Those are
1. Understand specific communication needs and factors affecting them
2. Contribute to establishing the nature of specific communication needs of individuals and ways to address them
3. Interact with people using their preferred way of communication
4. Promote the communication between people and others
5. Know how to support the use of communication technology and aids
If you are about to write a paper on the topic, those points can form a good outline for it.

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