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updated 9 months ago

Should migration is be viewed as a security issue? If so why? If not, why not?

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1 Answer
updated 11 months ago

I guess we only talk of migration as a security issue because loads of political leaders started talking about that this way. We now see, how people’s attention is drawn to the problem, that is presented mostly via national security lens.

The contrary opinion was recently presented by Khalid Kosner, for example. He states that migration is more than beneficial for the society and economy, and, most importantly, it can prevent extremism. Thus, things, that concern most of the politicians, - extremism and violence, can be easily avoided and blocked by migration. He explains his point of view by stating the simple fact. People do not migrate to commit violent extremism. They instead run away from it. This simple thought leads us to the vital knowledge and more profound understanding of migration reasons.

A lot of attention in modern media are drawn to national security, terrorism, extremism, and crime. Still, f.e., people’s lives and human security as such are not widely considered. Let’s stop here for a second and think. Does the government try to scare us with the ‘threatens to the national security’ and approve own politics and decisions? For, to be true, national security is pretty far from the secureness of ordinary people.

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