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The Yellow wallpaper is a psychological story.Discuss

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman is a short story, which raises many problems actual in the nineteenth century: women’s rights, patriarchy, the limits a woman has and the power in the hands of a man.

The story can be interpreted in different ways, but firstly it is important to look at the psychological side of this work. The story is about a woman who has stuck at the madness, but her husband is sure, that she is alright. Taking into an account this fact, we can also notice the blindness in the nineteenth-century medicine in certain situations. According to these conditions, the woman is going through different feelings, thoughts, and doubts.  Living in patriarchal society, she is not confident in what she thinks, and what she says, so she started to write in a diary. Maybe because of such factors she became mad.

The family spends a summer at a colonial mansion, and the woman is sure, that house keeps something strange in it. The story is evolving due to the yellow wallpapers in a room, where the woman lives. The important fact is the woman behind those wallpapers, that the sick sees. Actually, the yellow wallpapers seem to be the main metaphor in this story.

The women’s lives in the nineteenth century are restricted with house walls. At the end of the story, the sick removes the wallpapers to free the woman stuck there but honestly; she tries to free herself in such a way.

The conclusion is that the illness of the main character in this story could be caused by ignorance of her husband, the limits in her life and a lack of confidence. These factors make her weak and frightened, so she becomes mad and isolated even from her own family.


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