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updated 9 months ago

What should I do, if I want to admit myself for phd degree in English Literature from India?

I am a postgraduate student of a reputed university in Bangladesh .

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2 Answers
updated 1 year ago

The best thing about living today is the opportunity to win a scholarship and study abroad, which you can merely find online. Although the requirements can differ from established in India, it is still quite simple to try your luck in joining the Ph.D. programme abroad.

The basic documents/information you need to admit are Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with high academic grades; thesis on the research; a certificate, which proves your level of English (IELTS, TOEFL) if you want to get a Ph.D. in English speaking country. It is necessary to contact professors working in your interested area of study. The big benefit is publishings in science magazines or participating conferences.

Here is a simple tutorial:

  1. Find a few universities, where you want to get a Ph.D. degree. It is better to choose the universities of different ranks.
  2. Depending on the country, where the university located, you should pass the necessary language exam.
  3. According to the programme’s requirements prepare the documents you need to admit the course.
  4. Make an effort to write a good motivation letter or have convincing recommendations if it is needed.
updated 1 year ago

Look through all existing variants, where you can get a Ph.D. degree according to your study. There are many different portals, where you can follow the updates.

When you’ve found the best programme, you need to visit the official website of the university or ask the committee to send you all the necessary information about the study programme and how you can join it. You have to prepare the documents before the admission process such as a scan of your diploma/degree, a CV, certificates of courses you’ve finished, testing scores, motivation letter, a scan of your passport and a document, which indicate the financial conditions.

These requirements are basic for the universities, but you should always check a website to know what exactly you need to have to join the programme.

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