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Sonya Stevenson
updated 10 months ago

Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change

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updated 10 months ago

I hope this example could help you. Yet, there are more than that if you find a few minutes for advanced searching. My advice, take a particular discrimination type and make your personal insights

updated 10 months ago

First of all, you should start from yourself. I mean, there is a certain attitude hygiene that we all should follow. For example, lots of us (myself included) don’t feel comfortable sitting in the restaurant next to children with special needs. We would prefer our kids to be friends with healthy children rather than with those who need special treatment. And this is an example of a direct discrimination. So to challenge it we should, first of all, ask ourselves whether we have any air-built prejudices. And if we do, we need to challenge them in the first place. How? Communicate with the people to whom you feel not so open-minded.

Second of all, pay attention to how people around you treat each other. Especially on your daily settings: in your neighborhood or workplace. If you see at work that your manager somehow violate the basic rights of any of your coworkers, point it out. Request an official apology or disciplinary action. Anyway, don’t just pass by because if we won’t fight for the right of minorities today, it will become a usual thing. And we cannot be sure that tomorrow we won’t turn into any of vulnerable social groups.

It’s when we speak about a personal level of challenging a discrimination. In a company or community, it’s important to have a set of certain principles that guarantee the safeguard for minority representatives.

That is very important to teach your children to respect people around them. Fundamentals of tolerance can be assimilated only in practice. So don’t afraid to put your kin into the inclusive environment. Remember that all the prejudices derived from the fear of the unknownness.  


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