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Who wrote The Great Gatsby? What we know about the writer?

Is there anything to say about his life? Like what??

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was one of the most influential American writers, who belonged to so called Lost Generation group. This term states for the generation of people lived between WWI and WWII, who felt lost and frustrated due to the economical difficulties and political instability.

He has published four novels and practiced writing short stories for the journals to make living. The central themes of his books were hope and despair, love and anger of the youth. The Great Gatsby is considered to be iconic American novel, though it became a best seller only after Fitzgerald's death. Now most of colleges include the book as a mandatory reading for students.  

Fitzgerald was famous for his boisterous and ruinous marriage with Zelda Sayre. They led a lavish life, partly sponsored by sales of this first novel (The Side of Paradise). Nevertheless, their relationships inspired the novel Tender is the Night, besides, Zelda’s expressive dairy thoughts provides a lot of materials for his novels.   

The culminating moments of his life he spent in Paris, where he enjoyed the Jazz Age and company of the most prominent intellectuals and writes of the time. He lived through the ‘Roaring 20s’ and attended parties that were partly the cause for his alcohol addiction. His close friend was Ernest Hemingway, who disapproved the Fitzgerald’s short writings and claimed that he suffers the pernicious influence of his wife Zelda.

Their dissolute and drunk life style became fatal for the both. Zelda ended up in the mental hospital diagnosed with manic depression, and Fitzgerald died seven years earlier aged 44.

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