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updated 9 months ago

what should be included in the background section of a literature review

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updated 1 year ago

The background section is commonly used to explain the main context of ideas and problems you try to solve. This part relies on the introduction, where you describe the general idea of your study. Depending on the topic, you need to describe the key points of your work in a simple way. The actual state of the problems or future use of your solving methods should be mentioned because it shows the innovativeness or strong need of your research topic. Maybe, you can name the obstacles in developing the research before.

Still, the background should not be the main focus of your work. This section is being written to present the essential background for understanding the relevance of your study.

According to the specifications of your topic, pay attention to such forms of contextualizing as:

  • historical - the time in which the problem matters or arises, the influence of it;
  • economic - relations to the actual economic and financial systems, business;
  • social - society’s reactions, development;
  • political - the influence on each other;
  • gender - the importance of it in research;

The advisor can check the background section to indicate the main mistakes in statements and name the basic requirements for your literature review. It depends on a specialization.

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