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Explain the dissociative disorder

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We should clarify the terms first, for the ‘dissociative disorders’ is the group of mental conditions, which include a lot of various symptoms, like breakdowns of memory, awareness, disruptions, identity or perception. Those disorders are usually occurring as a defense mechanism, which happens involuntarily and pathologically. Psychiatrists believe that those disorders occur due to psychological trauma, big stress, psychoactive substances or, in rare cases, without any trigger at all.

There are a lot of art pieces inspired by this group of disorders; thus now we have plenty of movies, books, and paintings devoted to those illnesses. Among the best movies about dissociative disorders are “Secret Window” (2004), “The Machinist” (2004), “Fight Club” (1999), and my personal favorite “Hide and Seek” (2005).

American Psychiatric Association lists 5 dissociative disorders, among which are Dissociative Identity Disorder, Dissociative Amnesia, Dissociative Fugue, Depersonalization disorder, and Specified/ Unspecified Dissociative Disorder. They have different characteristics, which could be easily found online if you want to dive into the topic.

I guess it is one of the most mysterious topics among the mental disorders, and if your future paper is about it, you can feel yourself lucky, as reading all about it would be exciting!

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