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Dissociative Identity Disorder among Teenagers - Essay Example

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The present essay entitled "Dissociative Identity Disorder among Teenagers" dwells on the mental condition that teenagers suffer from. It is stated that previously, this condition was known as multiple personality disorder. It is one of the most challenging disorders…
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Dissociative Identity Disorder among Teenagers
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Extract of sample "Dissociative Identity Disorder among Teenagers"

Download file to see previous pages Also, the person should have associated memory loss that is actually beyond normal forgetfulness. It is important while making the diagnosis that symptoms of DID must not be the direct result of substance abuse or a more general medical condition (Kluft, 71-72). There are many controversies which swirl around this condition because of which it is difficult to diagnose, treat and discuss it objectively (Kluft, 71-72), making it an interesting topic for me to write on. Also, DID amongst adolescents is a relevant topic to discuss in the wake of rising child abuse and neglect which has a predominant effect on the development of DID. The true prevalence of this condition is not known, although it is estimated to be more than previously thought (Waseem, eMedicine).
Disruption of the normal integrative processes of consciousness, perception, memory, and identity that define selfhood is known as dissociation (Waseem, eMedicine). It is a psychophysiological process that alters a person's thoughts, feelings, or actions so that, for a time, certain information is not associated or integrated with other information as it normally is (Waseem, eMedicine). There is a lot of controversy revolving the etiology of DID. In fact, the very existence of this condition itself is a controversy. While some researchers argue that this disorder occurs naturally, others implicate an iatrogenic role in this condition. Those who propagated the theory of iatrogenesis argued that DID is an artifact of the expectations and suggestive interventions of enthusiastic clinicians and that it never occurs prior to such expectations and interventions (Kluft, 71-72). Some others have proposed the interaction of several factors as the cause for DID. These include severe stress conditions in life, enlistment of steps in normal developmental processes as defenses and lack of sufficient nurturing and compassion in response to hurtful experiences during childhood.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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