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What is the role of risk assessment in health and social care?

Explain how risk assessment is important in health and social care

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The people working in health and social care are very many and diverse and deal with mainly vulnerable populations. Consequently, the areas that these people work in should be healthy and safe. Also, those in search of these services have a right to care and support that considers their rights, needs, and freedoms.

The risk assessment process is related to identifying and taking the necessary measures to put risks under control. Despite taking measures to control the risk, risk assessment identifies whether you should put extra effort or not. It helps in identifying what needs to be done to address a particular risk.

You can use risk assessment in a number of ways. For instance, you can have two risk assessments where one deals with infection control while the other with activity. Despite their differences, the two assessments are developed to address the risk of injury or accident.

A risk assessment can be done with the intention of reducing the risk of spread of infection. To achieve this, the assessment may recommend certain things or steps that should be followed to control the spread. By taking these measures, the vulnerable population is kept safe from contracting a particular disease.

A risk assessment can also be done to reduce or stop the occurrence of an event such as an accident. The risk assessment, in this case, identifies factors responsible for a particular problem and recommends the steps to be taken to address it. This assessment is critical as it saves lives and injuries by preventing an event from happening.

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The risk here most surely will be defined as ‘the possibility of beneficial and harmful outcomes and the likelihood of their occurrence in a stated timescale.' This is the citation taken from Alberg et al. in Titterton, 2005. Thus, risk assessment is a careful examination of everything that can cause harm to people, who have a particular job or work activities.

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