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updated 1 month ago

How does seeking feedback enhance the improvement of practice and inform development?

Explain how feedback improves practice and inform the development

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2 Answers
updated 10 months ago

There are different ways that one can improve and one of such ways is feedback. Feedback is a process of getting information about you and your capacity from others. The source may be managers, co-workers, relatives, and other professionals. Seeking feedback is very important as it helps in establishing what is working and areas that need improvement and development. Hence, the feedback helps you to know and understand yourself and your capabilities.

There is no way of leveraging your strengths and enhancing your weaknesses without knowing them. Weaknesses are areas that you need to work hard on to improve. Weakness does not show that you lack something. Your strengths are the areas that you are excellent at and not necessarily perfect in. Seeking feedback from an unbiased source is very important in identifying yourself.

By identifying what is working, you can work harder and enhance those skills. Also, it gives you confidence when dealing with something that works for you. Identification of your strong areas enables you to specialize in areas that you are excellent at. You are also to use your strong areas to push yourself further. This allows you to become skillful in your occupation.

Identifying your weaknesses is as important as identifying your strengths. Your weaknesses are what makes you fail to achieve your dreams. They are what hold you back. They are areas that you need to put effort to improve. You have powers to improve your weak areas. By working on your weaknesses, you can take the right steps to develop. Feedback, therefore, plays an important role in helping you improve your practice and inform development.

updated 1 year ago

Feedback is the best tool to identify the strong and weak points of the organization. Thus, with analytics added, it is a powerful way to implement all the needed changes and empower the strengths.

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