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Reflective Practice - Essay Example

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Reflective Practice [Instructor Name] Reflective Practice Introduction Learning capability is one of the significant and innate behaviors in human being and animals that involve knowledge, observations, values and skills too…
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Reflective Practice
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Download file to see previous pages The critical incident review, modeling excellence and proactive learning are the ways that are being covered in this paper. The process of reflective learning is very considerable for the students as it serves in personal growth, professional growth along with bringing an important change in the lives of the people. Therefore, all sections of the paper cover an in-depth analysis of the situations, where my personal learning acquired from the events and situations are also highlighted and discussed (Morrison, 1996; Feldman, 2005). Critical Incident Analysis The incident that I find significant for me is the learning experience I have acquired from my class PPT. My experience is based on the reflection that I gained from the PPT slides that served me great deal in understanding the phenomenon of learning. The slides helped to reflect on my experiences with using best approaches. ‘Reflection’ is one of my class PPTs that I have found too important for me, as it initiates with a suggestion that one needs to have an experience, which later should be observed keenly. Based on the observation, one needs to reflect upon the experience, in which there is a need to make analyses too. I also learnt that while reflecting upon an experience we need to generate new ideas. Before experiencing these slides, I had a limited thinking about the reflection on any incident. Thus, it can be said that the experience was amazing because it served to facilitate understanding of the psychological phenomenon of direct and indirect learning processes (Boud, 1985). Throughout experiencing the class PPT, I acquired a great deal of knowledge and also became aware of some of the universal facts. I learnt that when two people interact with each other, their conversation may bring significant change either on the perception of one of them or it may serve both to extract out a new conclusion. My learning through such informative slides is worth for me because now I have become quite conscious when I m experiencing a learning process. Moreover, I have also analyzed that my previous state of unconsciousness towards psychological phenomenon has transformed noticeably, because the class slides have enhanced my view to feel the transformation and revolution in human being. The significant part of the class PPT was its initial general discussion about the simple concept of learning, which was later followed by the details of the learning processes. On the other hand, I have also analyzed that it is not necessary to teach someone with giving descriptive explanation; however, if few important and concise bullets points are taught, the result could be effective to serve the learning (Brockbank & Mcgill, 2012). The class slides has cleared many fundamental concepts such as, they define the difference between coaching and counseling in a precise way that it cannot be forgotten. My experience with PPT slides is not only effective for me; however, the experience has also served me understanding the process of learning when we work in team. Furthermore, I have realized that the effects of learning I acquired from the class PPT are effectual for me in every walk of life. The reason behind keeping the class PPT experience among the significant incidents is the modification in my behavior when it comes to experience a learning process. The changing between my past perception and the new one developed by class PPT is quite vital for my professional life too because the learning is such a process that remains ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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