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What are the benefits and relationship between own role and the wider sector?

Explain the link between own role and the wider sector

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Linking own role to the wider sector involves thinking about a job that one does and whether it is in agreement with the other provided to other people. For instance, you ensure that other people have been provided with care. This involves working with other agencies in making sure you achieve what is set by them. Consequently, you ensure that the people are clean, are well fed, and rested among others. Own role has the following effects on the wider sector.

In the health sector, own role allows participation in the attendance of patients. It allows one to make sure that the patient is in good condition. It lets a person help nurses in taking care of the patients. Consequently, this leads to a reduction in the work of nurses.

Own role allows one to assist those who do not know about something. Instead of going to the reception for simple inquiries, someone helps by providing the necessary assistance. Consequently, the work and pressure of the reception staff are significantly reduced.

With own role, the number of people looking for assistance from offices is drastically reduced. Only those with serious issues that only particular people can provide can go to the offices. Consequently, there is a low number of assistance seekers leading to a reduction in waiting time.

Own role allows one to get support from anyone around. This helps in keeping everyone in an organization informed. It helps in improving the participation and production of people in an organization. As a result of own role, service delivery becomes streamlined and smoother.

updated 10 months ago

Well, surely it only depends on a sector you work in. It is crucial, whether it is a Health care sector, or Ecology, or Hospitality. Due to the sector, you should specify your responsibilities, as it is done in papers, like Health care sector, or The differences between working in public accounting versus working in private accounting.

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