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Which are some of the important laws and codes of practice affecting work in schools?

Explain some important laws and codes of practicing in the education sector


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Schools have laws and codes designed to safeguard the interests of all those working there. The different laws and codes have been changing over years as the society’s needs change. The various laws and codes of practice are made to enhance working and relating with those in a learning center. Here are some of these legislations and codes of practice that affect working in schools.

The Data Protection Act 1998 safeguards the process of information. It touches on the use of any information about an individual. It also touches on the process that is used in obtaining such information. The Act also covers sharing and holding of such information. This Act, therefore, ensures that the information is only used for its intended use. The Act helps in providing that there is no misuse of information and also gives individuals confidences when presenting information.

The Children Act 2004 is another important act that puts a statutory duty on critical agencies. Under the Act, local Directors of Children's Services are responsible for the execution of local government functions touching children. The Act gave boundaries and assisted local authorities to provide interventions for the benefits of children. The Act is necessary as it enhances the safety of children.

Other vital acts are the Children Act 2006 which address early year’s regulation, the Freedom of Information Act that gives the public power to access any information in possession of public authorities and the UN Convention on Rights of the Child 1989 that gives children under the age of 17 years some rights. It is crucial for any organization and those involved to be aware of the different laws to reduce conflict.

updated 10 months ago

There is a good paper on School Safety laws, you need to check it out. I think it would genuinely help you in your research. Also, you need to go through Freedom of Information Act, Human rights Act, European Convention on Human Rights, Health and Safety at Work Act, UN Convention on Rights of a Child (1989) and The Education Act (2002). Hope it helps! Good luck!

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