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updated 9 months ago

Describe how issues of public concern have altered public views of the sector

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updated 10 months ago

This question needs an approach whereby you identify an issue to begin with. There are so many issues within the healthcare sector which have altered public opinion. For you to get a lot of materials to research from, you will need to take up issues which are not so recent. Explain this issue from different viewpoints. In answering the part which asks how the public view has changed, you will need to check what changes have been made such as reporting policies, supervision, and training. Some of the great ideas to explore here include abuse, medication errors, lack of trust with facilities, failure to meet the minimum standards, and insufficient funding etc.

For instance, you can say, the public has lost faith and hope in the regulators and health care providers for failing to meet the least required standards. This issue has been there year in year out. The media has significantly contributed to this rot showing how health care facilities, social services, and regulators have failed the users of these facilities. The institutions have failed to address this problem with the utmost urgency and weight that it deserves while the regulators have allowed complacency and oaky with the state of affairs. Some few TV channels have been in the forefront of working undercover to ensure they report to the public the real state of issues within the sector.

updated 1 year ago

If the public has seemed to lost faith in the nursery or schools, the government can make more mistakes when not protesting the children of being mistreated. As the parents do not feel it is safe to send their children to the nursery at a young age because they cannot tell when something happens to them. That is why most parents wait longer to send children to nursery or schools. The media can issue a lot of publicity stating how the care companies, social services, and regulators which have let the victims and their family down by only not taking the cases seriously enough and ensuring the well-being for the standards to be met.

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