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updated 9 months ago

Describe what would happen if you do not correctly move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care?

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2 Answers
updated 10 months ago

The examiner wants to see your level of awareness of the anatomy, agreed on methods when moving and allocating people while receiving their care. Also, the question is assessing the skills needed to reduce risks in this process and much more in relation to moving and allocating individuals that need care.

Moving and allocating a person in a wrong manner may cause an overstretch to the joints and consequently, ligaments to get twisted. This is the sole reason as to why individuals should never be pulled when positioning or moving them. Tendons and or the muscles can tear away as a result of sudden dragging of movements of a patient’s limbs or body. Therefore, the individual needs to be moved and positioned smoothly. In worse situations, a bone fracture can happen as a result of putting excessive pressure on a person’s arm, hand, or leg in the process of changing the position of the individual.  Apart from applying pressure, objects can fall on the individual in the process of moving and allocating leading to bone fractures. Another kind of accident that can happen and bring about fractures is when the individual is being moved in a sling that is not his or her size, and he or she falls out. Therefore, every individual should strictly be moved as per his or her plan of care.

updated 1 year ago

There occurs a significant issue when workplace policies and procedures related to moving and handling may conflict with somebody’s wishes. For example when a place of work adopts ‘no-lifting’ policies which mean that hoists are used for all people. Then there might occur a conflict when a person doesn’t want to be raised. If to deal with this issue incorrectly, this may leave people feeling unvalued, humiliated, degraded or distressed. Also here might be violated fundamental human rights.

To prevent those issues it is better for a service user to explain what a care plan and risk assessment says, the risks involved and responsibilities and duty to follow the care plan.

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