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However, the four mediums differ in a number of factors such as performance, bandwidth levels, security, management, noise susceptibility, cost…
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LAN Networks
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LAN Networks al Affiliation) Question One There are a variety of transmission media formats but the core types are fiber optics, twisted pair cable, wireless and coaxial cables. However, the four mediums differ in a number of factors such as performance, bandwidth levels, security, management, noise susceptibility, cost (maintenance and initial purchase) and even other physical factors like the distance between repeaters to ensure transmission. A good example of their diversity is the type of applications they apply (digital or analogue), where the twisted pair cable is used in analogue voice platforms while the rest adopt a predominantly digital voice application.
According to Cache et al., some of the features, in terms of contrast purposes, are problematic due to the lack of a standardized criteria for comparison, such as the security needs of the transmission media format. They include factors such the different type of costs (purchase, maintenance and installation) and the security needs of the medium. This is because there are different types of security threats and each medium of transmission is susceptible to different risks. Some security threats pertain to the mode of intrusion detection or authentication and verification (Cache, J., & Liu, V. 2007).
Therefore, that is why I will analyze only three features -performance, distance between repeaters and the bandwidth.
Media Type
Distance between Repeaters
Fiber Optics
Very Good
100 GHz
Coaxial Cable
1 GHz
Twisted Pair Cable
Very short
Question Two
According to White, in terms of data transmission speed from the highest to the lowest with regards to fiber optic cable, twisted pair, satellite, coaxial cable and microwave, they are as listed below:-
Fiber Optic Cable
Coaxial Cable
Twisted Pair Cable (White, 2012)
Question Three
As an expert, I would advise the entrepreneur wishing to institute a global satellite radio framework in his business to purchase not less than two satellites (GEO). The GEO satellites would then be suspended in a strategic location to ensure adequate connection and data transmission. In addition, the strategic location will ensure that signals transmitted from the satellites are received by the radio satellite. If placed strategically, frequency the transmission frequency will be around 20 GHz and the satellite will orbit almost exponentially if there are no mechanical problems.
Question Four
The most appropriate analogy for a synchronous connection and how it functions is a lift and how it halts in each floor to allow people to enter or exit from the ground floor to the top most floor. Just like a lift, a synchronous connection has a large information amount (passengers entering the lift) in addition to the required data (passengers already in the lift). If the lift has fourteen floors, then the first six floors represent the input messages while the last eight floors are set aside for data production.
Question Five
According to Kizza, the most appropriate computer network is Local Area Network (LAN), with two types of connections- through coaxial cables and wirelessly. In the event of multiple hardware, one can utilize an external hard drive, connected wirelessly. However, another effective alternative could be the use of a USB cable to connect any additional media (Kizza, 2014).
Reference List
Cache, J., & Liu, V. (2007). Hacking exposed wireless: Wireless security secrets & solutions. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
Kizza, A, J. (2014). A guide to computer network security. London: Springer.
White, C. (2012). Data Communications and Computer Networks: A Business Users Approach (7th ed.). Cengage Learning. Read More
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