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updated 9 months ago

Hello guys! We are working daily to make your experience with our website interesting and valuable.

If you have in mind any propositions on how to improve our services, we will be happy to hear.

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5 Answers
updated 1 year ago

Your website is good, lots of handy stuff. Everything is easy to find. thanks

updated 1 year ago

This service is okay, but it lacks some citation service. It’s a thing that everybody needs while writing papers

updated 10 months ago

Greetings to everyone.

Excuse me for being a bit of an intruder here. Yet, if you, guys, are sincerely interested in your users' feedback, I’ll let myself to leave a summary of my experience with your service. I wouldn’t be writing here if I considered your service less than 100% legal to use for study purposes. So I’d like to outline how students should use your website to get the most out of it.

Before I start, I’d like to say a couple of words about myself. I’m an associate professor who is trying to be on the same side with students. Traditionally, my colleagues prejudge third-party educational services. However, I think that such services as yours can enrich academic study process. The secret lies in smart using. So my goal is to explain the best way to benefit from a service like yours.

The most beautiful thing you offer your guests is, of course, the online database of academic papers.

First of all, I’m amazed by the number of doctypes you have in your collection. Essays, research papers, literature reviews, book reports, case studies, lab reports - basically every type of academic writing students can be assigned in college. For students, who are on the edge of graduation there are examples of theses, coursework, term papers, and even dissertations. For those who are only planning their study, there are samples of personal statements and admission essays. Prospect Ph.D. students can find examples of research proposals.

Why do I find this thrilling? After I give my students a task, especially a new one, the most frequent request I get is for the examples. If students have never done work like that, they need an example to follow. Let's say I need to write my first chemistry lab report, and I’ve never seen one before, how can I write one then? That is where I believe the samples from your library can come useful for students.

The second thing I’d like to underline is a range of subjects and topics of the proposed samples, and there are thousands of them. Papers on English, literature, social sciences, philosophy essays, psychology research papers, works in engineering, chemistry, biology lab reports, business case studies, essays in environmental studies, management, and many more. Almost every student request of a paper on a particular topic can be satisfied.

From my experience, I can tell that one of the most confusing parts of a creative writing assignment is a topic choice. I don’t assign papers with a fixed topic because the aim of a writing task is to reveal student’s analytical and creative potential. I don’t want to force them to write on a topic they don’t like. So on the one hand, I give them the freedom to choose a topic by themselves, which is good, on the other, it makes the whole task more challenging.

Considering this, I find the database of academic samples being the fair source of ideas. How does it work?

Let’s say you are assigned to write a compare and contrast essay. It’s an essay where you need to compare two objects, events, phenomena, processes, etc. But you don't have a single clue what exactly you should be writing about. My recipe of using studentshare online database is the following:

  1. Open the main page with a search bar.
  2. Type in just two letters ‘vs.’ or a word ‘versus.' By doing so, you’ll search the essays containing the ‘vs.’ or ‘versus’ in the title. This is a typical title for compare and contrast essay.
  3. Browse the results.
  4. Choose the one striking your mind.

For other types of writing, you can use different “keys.” If you need to find a literature review examples, you can search by a key ‘review’; topics for a research paper you will find by using keys ‘why', ‘how',  ‘should.' Finding book report examples is possible just by searching a doctype. You just need to give it a one-minute thought.

In addition, there is a special website section (some guides) dedicated to a topic choice.

The third way of using this database for your sake is looking for authoritative resources on your topic. This was my favorite trick I’ve come up when I was a student. Imagine, you need to write a research paper about cinema of French New Wave, and you have no idea what that is at all. You can find related essays in the database, use them as a start for getting on the topic. Then you should look into the references in these samples. Most likely, you will gather a list of needed sources using just 3-4 papers. No hourly researches required.

The online database of essays is accompanied by the Q&A service and a section of study guides. It’s a valuable idea, but as I see, the guide section is in the process of development. Besides, the section with guides on topic choice (I’ve mentioned it above) I found accidentally. Why don’t you combine it with the common guide section? You’d also make me happier by extending the max volume for answers. For now, I have to create one more response to conclude my thoughts.

updated 1 year ago

Wrapping up:

Here students can find thousands of academic writing examples. Being used wisely, it can benefit students and save them a lot of time. I advise your service to the students who:

  • Look for examples of particular writing assignment to understand how such task should look like.
  • Use a massive database to help yourself come up with a topic for your paper.
  • Use papers for your research as a “source of sources.”

However, you could create a better navigation between website sections. You also should add more guides providing assignment help and advice on writing.

In general, I have a pleasure to recommend your service for students who seek simpler ways to organize a preparation of their writings.

Keep it up!


updated 1 year ago

This service is okay, but it lacks some citation service. It’s a thing that everybody needs while writing papers

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