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why the future doesn't need us?

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Firearms have sights and actions. Guns have different names and perform different functions depending on their actions. There are two basic styles of gun actions as discussed below.

  •         Single Shot

The single shot is one of the most common types of firearm styles that have been used by every hunter. It is a familiar method of action used mostly by people who own handheld guns whereby they have to keep reloading it every time they fire the gun. An example of such a gun is the revolver which requires the hammer to be set manually before shooting. The trigger will make the hammer to strike.

Another example of a gun that uses this action style is a pistol. The difference between a gun and a revolver is that you set the pistol system for the first shot before firing it. After that first shot, you don’t need to worry about the subsequent ones because the slide’s action will take care of the rest.

This firearm doesn’t have magazines; they have a single cartridge for whatever time which has to be removed once used. You should close the action once the cartridge is expanded before firing your gun again.

  •         Repeating Style

This type of firearm has extra cartridges. People who use weapons refer to it is a repeater.  This kind of gun has a spring-loaded tubular or a cartridge which has a box magazine where you can carry a metal. These repeaters also have separate magazines to carry the ball and powder.

There is a range of gun actions, but depending on your gun’s capabilities, there are specific ones that you will use more often.

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I have read a bunch of research on the topic lately. Most of them are not that pessimistic at all. I’d prefer to think, that in the future when machines will be so educated to do all the job instead of people, society will be able to enjoy living to its fullest and not struggle on the everyday tedious job. We should not waste our short life for that. It would be better to live in a world, where machines do everything, and we only enjoy traveling, living, breathing, eating and doing actually noting. Still, you should form out your own point of view to answer the question. I’d suggest you o read this for a good start: Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.

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