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Best profession of the country?

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Hah, I would say you need to specify the country first. :) For anything that is considered to be a great career in U.S.A. might be utterly rubbish in India. And even more likely, that the high-class profession in Laos won’t even be taken seriously in Britain. That is my first concern about your question.

As for me, if we would, for example, consider European countries, the best profession now would be around politics and peace-making. It was always a hot topic in Europe, with all their European Unions, and so on. No war, only tolerance, and peace to all, but always in a state of some kind of crisis. Maybe, business too, but which one - it is also a good question.

If we consider U.S.A., I guess it would be military or IT. Or a Hollywood actor. Never miss a chance to get acquainted with Jolie, hah.

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Wow, wow. Wait! What are the criteria? How can you choose the ‘best profession’? Is it the most desired? The most paid? The one everyone dreams of, but it is impossible to make money on it (and in a perfect world people would be paid for that)? The most honored one? For under all of this questions I imagine different jobs and occupations. Also, even if you will be able to define that mysterious profession, for how long it would be valid? We live in a world when preferences are changed more often than socks.

I’ve written so much and didn’t even mention the ‘country’ yet. Luckily it is done in the previous comment.

updated 1 year ago

Hey, people, don’t be that mad. Maybe the question is not about U.S.A., India or smth. The country might mean village. But, yeah, defining the best profession is not easier in this case.

I guess the point of this question was to know which profession to study. Are you a freshman in college, or a high school student?

If so, I would suggest you trust your heart. It is true, the world is changing dynamically, so you can’t know what will be favored in the next 5 or 10 years. My father dreamed of being an engineer for his whole youth and did that. And lived a happy life, for he gained what he wanted, no matter what. That is what he brought me up to. Define what you like the most and do it as best as you can.

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