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What is the setting in “Of mice and men?”

What dreams do Lennie and George have for the future? What makes Salinas Riverbank a nightmare setting?

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A ranch in Soledad California serves as the setting of the story. The scenes are set in four places: Crook’s room, the bunkhouse, the barn and the riverbed.

Salinas Riverbank

This is where the story begins and ends. It is located a few miles outside the ranch, which is where Lennie and George start working. The two camp by the riverbank on the night prior to their work commencement. The men dream of owning a plot of land for the first time. George instructs his companion to return to the riverbank in case there is any trouble at the ranch. The setting is viewed to be representative of the American dream at the beginning of the story, which in the end turns into a nightmare setting as it is the venue where George is forced to shoot Lennie so as to protect him from Curley’s wrath.

The Bunk House

The Bunk House houses George, Lennie and the rest of the workers with the exception of Crooks. It provides an atmosphere where the men try to bond and create a version of home life. The Barn/Crook’s Room

Crooks are forced to lead a lonely bitter life, as he is secluded in a small isolated room where he is forced to share the space with animals. This indicates how the society treats African-Americans as being subhuman. The room is viewed as a dark and foreboding part in the story. The barn is also the place where Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife at the end of the story.

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